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Put on your spacesuit and get ready for your next challenge; Mission: Astronaut ventures into space and encourages visitors to learn about life as an astronaut with hands-on STEM challenges.

Each section challenges the visitor to use an astronaut’s mindset to solve puzzles focusing on engineering, physics, mathematics, teamwork, and most importantly, fun! Solving each challenge lets the visitor collect badges to recognize their accomplishments.

The exhibition, mostly set in space, revolves around an explorable space station. After you’ve gone through training at Mission Control, climb into the capsule and blast off into space. Use your engineering skills to open up an airlock, and start exploring! Climb inside and discover the different modules and nodes housing experiments, crew quarters, life support systems, and more. Outside, you’ll learn about what keeps a space station ticking for astronauts to stay safe.

Mission: Astronaut is developed, designed, produced, and toured by Flying Fish.

Qur’an and Science is the first interactive exhibition in the history of mankind narrating science through the lens of Qur’an.  

The exhibition aims to contribute science communication and informal science education through interactive exhibits by narrating the laws of physics, practices of chemistry, wonders of biology, and observations on astronomy. In the meantime, the exhibit brings to light how the scientific concepts presented in this exhibition are also foundations intertwined in the story of Islam.

The exhibition presents scientific laws in dialogue with Qur’an and as foundations for Tawhid, a dialogue which will be achieved by co-presenting the verses from the Holy Qur’an and their reflections presented on the Universe, Earth and living things. 

The exhibition explores the long standing connection between Islam and science, which will be clearly presented to the visitors through interactive exhibits.


is an awe-inspiring immersive experience that transports you into space, aboard the International Space Station, through a breathtaking journey that lasts 60 minutes. Several mediums (virtual reality, augmented reality, and projections) collide with exceptional realism, allowing you to discover life in orbit in a way only 250 astronauts have experienced. Discover never before seen footage captured by the astronauts for Space Explorers: The ISS Experience

—2021 Emmy-nominee in the Outstanding Interactive Program category—the largest production ever filmed in space, produced by Felix & Paul Studios in association with TIME Studios, NASA, and the ISS National Lab.

Teleported alongside the astronauts, witness their epic, emotional and inspiring adventure. The emotional ascent of the experience also includes an exclusive work by Ryoji Ikeda, formed by an LED ceiling and mirrored floor. The pitch-black expanse, feeling of weightlessness, and even the sensation of vertigo will be at the heart of this chapter. In a time where international collaboration is becoming more and more necessary, the lessons and human values that guide each space mission encourage us to reflect on the actions that will ensure the sustainability of our planet Earth. Experience the vastness of space and see Earth from a whole new perspective!

What makes everyone and everything pull together? We feel it in our muscles when lifting something, but we don’t really notice it in our daily lives. Why does an apple thrown into the air sooner or later fall down, towards the centre of the Earth? Or why does a space rocket need so much power and force to break itself free from Earth?

Our new hands-on exhibition “Aha, gravity!” is an adrenaline-rushing adventure that tests even the bravest.

How much does a litre of milk weigh on Mars or Venus? Which is stronger, gravity or centrifugal force? How does it feel to fall from a height of 5 metres?

Exhibition has 10 exhibits to play with. Each exhibit reveals unprecedented secrets of gravity. Come and check out:


The fruit of a collaboration with the artists’ collective The Parisianer, the exhibition presents large, original illustrations that bring to life the great naturalist discoveries, from geological times—to the distant future.


Understanding the origin of life, exhibiting a diplodocus for the first time, discovering the sexuality of plants… 21 covers of a fictitious magazine retrace the highlights of our planet’s history and of naturalist discoveries.


By depicting illustrious figures such as Voltaire or Buffon in humorous situations, the exhibition also imagines the future of our planet through science fiction scenarios about the melting of the ice cap or the colonisation of Mars.


Six of the illustrations are accompanied by sound recordings of the adventures of Jeanne, an intrepid young reporter who travels through time, meeting historical and fictional figures.

Can we see to the ocean floor? How do we place a satellite in orbit? What is a comet? From Earth to the Stars offers an “edutaining” exploration of outer space and its applications across 6 themed subjects. At the heart of the exhibition, the “experiment lab” encourages children to conduct amazing scientific demonstrations in order to learn while having fun.

The sun has a date with the moon in the Astralala sky! The exhibition offers to share with 3 to 6 year olds the wonder of space and to make them aware of our planet in its entirety.Their guide will lead them on a trip around the Earth looking to the Sun and the Moon. Looking to the sky, the children explore how it is like at daytime and at night: they will have to place the moon, the sun, a plane, a rainbow, the stars in the “right” sky… a way to make their own representations evolve. On their trip to space, the children experience “astro spinning-tops” which represent how the Earth, the Moon and the Sun are rotating on their axis. The children will see how our planet turns throughout the day and how the Sun illuminates the Earth and the Moon. On board a rocket, they will see the Moon with its different phases, discover the stars from a new angle and the rotation of the planets in the solar system. Let’s start the countdown! Objectives: – Arouse the curiosity of children for astronomy. – Make their representations evolve: the Earth, its Moon and its star, the Sun. – Give a structure to their perception of time: identify the cyclic characteristic of some phenomena. – Give a structure to their perception of space: identify objects or moves in space. – Experience the persistence of space objects when they are out of sight. No written text in the exhibition = every language possible. The training for the visit is proposed by Cap Sciences’ facilitator after set up time. Floor area : 50-70m² Language(s) : French-English Insurance value : 32600€ Total volume : 40m³ Setup time : 1.0days Dismantling time : 1.0days Ceiling : minimum height : 2.00m Volume storage : 2m³  

In the exhibition

« Antoine de Saint Exupéry, un Petit Prince parmi les Hommes »

two worlds are meeting and finally merging.

Join the Little Prince in Brussels and discover the exciting life of his creator

Visitors of all ages are guided in a wonderful and immersive journey by the voice of Antoine’s mother, Marie de Saint Exupéry.

The wonderful world of the Little Prince

In the first part, the artist Arnaud Nazare-Aga has succeeded in bringing the wonderful world of The Little Prince to life.

Thanks to his sculptures, which float in the night of space, visitors can revisit the story of this little man who came from a distant planet to tell us about ourselves. His love of sunsets, the baobabs that threaten his planet, the fox he has to tame, the sheep he has to draw and, above all, his rose: so many images that enchant all the children around the world, past and present.

These are images that Arnaud Nazare-Aga’s talent and spectacular staging revive for the pleasure of all, young and old.

The fascinating life of Saint Exupéry

If The Little Prince is known throughout the world, the life of its author is probably less so.

However, he has always nourished his work with his own life. And what a life!

A passionate aviator, aviation pioneer, writer and combatant during the Second World War, Antoine de Saint Exupéry is a multi-faceted novel character.

Through his life and his works, he transmitted universal values which today find a very special resonance in a world context subject to crises and tensions.

This is the first time that so many personal objects, photos, manuscripts and drawings have been brought together to tell the story of his life.

The fusion of two worlds

The world of The Little Prince and that of his creator will come together in a grandiose immersive space where visitors will witness a game of hide-and-seek between the author and his famous character.

In the midst of a fabulous setting, they find each other, get lost and chase each other in a show that makes use of all the current audiovisual resources.

To the extent that the real life of one ends up merging with the dream life of the other. A breathless cross-over that ends in a happy ending.

This immersive experience was conceived in collaboration with Luc Petit (staging), Christophe Gaeta (scenography and coordination), Vianny Fontaine (writing and sound design) and Penseur de Prod (visuals and video mapping).

The Little Prince’s workshop

Finally, visitors are invited to express themselves, react and make choices in an interactive workshop.

Faced with situations from the life and work of the writer, they will have to choose the one they feel closest to from among the thoughts, attitudes and reactions. They will also be able to leave messages for other visitors and for all those who support the Saint Exupéry Foundation throughout the world.

An official touring exhibition

This exhibit has been built in complete partnership with the Saint Exupéry Foundation.

Scenography and content can be adapted by Tempora to fit into smaller venues or foreign markets.

2023 – A special year

In 2023, we will celebrate the 80th birthday of the publication of The Little Prince in France. Since then, the book was sold over 200M times and translated in more than 400 languages.


Space Descent VR gives the public a unique opportunity to experience the 360-degree 3D view from inside a Soyuz spacecraft as it makes the dangerous 400 km journey back to Earth from the International Space Station, slowing from a speed in orbit of 25,000 km/h to land safely in Kazakhstan.

Space Descent VR is currently available in the Science Museum in London. The Science Museum Group is offering to license this exciting new virtual reality experience and provide support in the form of training and advice on implementation and operations. The experience can be supplied on a 4GB file that can fit in any device.


• A 13-minute VR experience narrated by Tim Peake

• A 90-second introductory video about operating the VR hardware

• Marketing package including high-resolution images and 2D trailer

• Further options around the narration and language can be explored on request

Would you like to live on another planet? Do you have what it takes to survive and establish a new home?Planet Pioneers contains 17 hands on exhibits allowing visitors to explore the exhibition to find out what you might need to live on another world, what you should take with you, what you might find there and how you would survive in a strange environment.The exhibition also focuses on teamwork, leadership and problem solving skills.Visitors can experience G-force in a spinning capsule, drive a Surface Exploration Vehicle, balance resources and build a model habitat.

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