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OceanXperience uses innovative storytelling and cinematography to bring important discoveries about ocean environments and their inhabitants back to shore, and to raise awareness for the oceans and create a community engaged with protecting them. OceanX’s one-of-a-kind research vessel, OceanXplorer and the Xplorers humanize the mission-based OceanXperience, and help to inspire lifelong learners, future conservationists and changemakers.

Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime! Climb aboard OceanXplorer, the most advanced scientific research and media vessel that has ever roamed the seas. Your task is to explore the oceans in a selection of several amazing locations and conduct mission-critical research. Your new team, the Xplorers, guide you through the mission and share their experiences with ocean research and filmmaking. With state-of-the- art technology like the HoloTable and deep sea vehicles, you’ll have everything you need to go where humans have never gone before and learn about majestic oceans and the communities they sustain.

Using uniquely filmed footage to set the stage, advanced technology and novel storytelling, visitors discover and explore the unknown and outer limits of our oceans. Visitors are engaged using a multitude of senses throughout the exhibition. The environmental design of the exhibition includes scents, soundscapes, touch, and visually dynamic media to encourage full immersion.

Key Experiences

Banksy: Genius or Vandal? is an interactive exhibition dedicated to the famous and enigmatic British artist. The exhibit is designed to be an unprecedented immersion in the artist’s work and offers a unique journey through more than 80 authenticated works that belong to several private collectors.

Across nearly every medium Disney has touched, since the earliest days of animation, through innovations in live-action filmmaking, pioneering efforts in television, location-based entertainment and retail, and even gaming—one creative aspect of Disney has been seldom-recognized, but ever-present: that of costume design.

This exhibition explores nearly six decades of films produced by The Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Television, and Disney Theatrical Group, in an effort share with guests the level of craftsmanship and artistry required to produce every costume presented across stage and screen. Incorporating 79 costumes from 32 films, and representing 24 different designers worn by 71 different actors, Heroes & Villains: The Art of the Disney Costume exhibition will prove to be truly unique and magical experience for guests of all ages. 

The photographer, filmmaker and artist, Agnès Varda, spent 70 years creating a personal work which was fundamentally rooted in its time. She was a trailblazer of the New Wave movement and one of the rare women of her generation to have had a successful career as a filmmaker. 

Her filmography boasts over forty short and feature-length films between fiction and documentary, including her greatest hits, Cléo from 5 to 7 (Cléo de 5 à 7) (1962), Le Bonheur (which won the Louis Delluc Prize in 1965), Vagabond (Sans toit ni loi) (which won a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1985) and The Gleaners and I (Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse) (2000). 

Her early interest in painting and literature, along with her experience in theatre, strongly shaped her conception of the seventh art. A globetrotter and artist of conviction, Varda also paid close attention to the world and social upheavals. The themes of feminism, ecology and marginality transect her work, making it very relevant to the modern day. 

Aiming to reignite respect for our essential and complex biosphere, Our Time on Earth explores different ways of existing on Earth, particularly in the face of the climate crisis. Featuring 12 new collaborative commissions that include: A Biological Future for Fashion by BIOFABRICATE supported by Parley for the Oceans; The World Beneath Our Feet by Holition with George Monbiot; and the Sonic Waterfall by Silent Studios with Damon Albarn.

A journey through immersive, interactive installations and digital works, the exhibition is an exploration of radical ideas for the way we live. Where technology brings us closer to nature, and indigenous insight reconnects us to our roots. Enter the story of our future, with perspectives spanning art, science, activism and more.

This timely and unique exhibition encourages visitors to take an active role and leave feeling empowered to make positive change.

This exhibition is currently in development with plans for a May 2023 premiere in North America. Please stay tuned for updates as we uncover Julia’s story; her passion for French cooking which began when she moved to Paris with her husband, Paul; her graduation from Le Cordon Bleu; then returning to the U.S., soon becoming a fixture on public television and an influence to millions.

The exhibition will consist of photographs, personal objects and memorabilia, multimedia, and a replica television studio kitchen. It will be accompanied by an exhibition catalogue and custom merchandise.

This traveling exhibition is being produced by Flying Fish in collaboration with the Napa Valley Museum, under rights granted by The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts and The Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University.

Photo of Julia Child – Photography by Paul Child © The Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University


The Animation Academy explores the unique world of animation, from traditional hand-drawn cels to exciting breakthroughs in stop-motion and CGI.

Visitors will create their own stop-motion animated shorts, learn about the art of storyboarding, go behind the scenes with artists and animators, and enjoy America’s largest 3D zoetrope. Each display and interactive activity features the participation of industry leaders, from original hand-drawn cels to real stop-motion maquettes.


• World’s largest 3D zoetrope

• 2D and 3D stop motion station interactives

• Animation university experience

• Tracing station

• Scooby Doo™ photo op

• Shrek KEVA castle interactive

• Spongebob™ photo op

• “That’s All Folks!™” photo op

• Simpsons photo op

• Magnetic storyboard interactive

• RFID animation process interactive

• Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride car photo op

• Educator guide

• Marketing & PR kits

• Retail/merchandise program


5,000 – 8,000 square feet (500 – 800 square meters),

minimum ceiling height of 12 feet (3.6 meters)


Shipping domestic: 4 trucks

Installation: approx. 5 working days

Deinstallation: approx. 5 working days

Forty years after her death, Romy Schneider (23 September 1938 – 29 May 1982) is still just as well-liked and popular. The European actress started her career in Germany aged 15 and then continued in France, becoming a star through films that have forever marked the history of cinema, alongside Alain Cavalier, Claude Sautet, Luchino Visconti, Orson Welles, Otto Preminger and more. 

This exhibition is the first at La Cinémathèque Française to be dedicated to an actress, and will also show how Romy Schneider’s career wrote a page in the history of cinema at this time and in the history of the great filmmakers around the world, whether French, American, Italian, German or Austrian. She was constantly searching for the absolute, which doubtlessly contributed to her genius and grace.

The exhibition will be an opportunity for her to speak for herself. We can try to bring her back to life through her roles, but also through her texts, interviews, diary and behind-the-scenes documentaries where we see her as ever vibrant and joyful, truly happy to be doing her job. 

With such a glamourous life of abrupt reinventions and life-changing encounters, this exhibition will seek to understand how she became this icon of a modern woman, who, forty years after her death, still gets people’s hearts racing, and whose image has not aged one bit.

Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s conceptual virtual reality experience CARNE y ARENA (Virtually present, Physically invisible) explores the human condition of immigrants and refugees.

Based on true accounts, the superficial lines between subject and bystander are blurred and bound together, allowing individuals to walk in a vast space and thoroughly live a fragment of the refugees’ personal journeys. An immersive installation that reunites frequent collaborators Iñárritu and Emmanuel Lubezki alongside producer Mary Parent and ILMxLAB, CARNE y ARENA is a twenty-minute solo journey centered around a virtual reality sequence experienced by three concurrent visitors in separate rooms that employs state-of-the-art immersive technology to create a multi-narrative light space with human characters. CARNE y ARENA premiered at the 70th Cannes Film Festival as the first virtual reality project to be featured in the festival’s history. It was presented for the first time in its extensive full version at Fondazione Prada in Milan.

“During the making of this project, I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing many Mexican and Central American refugees,” Iñárritu said. “Their life stories haunted me, so I invited some of them to collaborate with me on the project. My intention was to experiment with VR technology to explore the human condition in an attempt to break the dictatorship of the frame—within which things are just observed—and claim the space to allow the visitor to go through a direct experience walking in the immigrants’ feet, under their skin, and into their hearts.”

Five-time Academy Award-winning director Alejandro G. Iñárritu was presented a special Oscar® in 2017 for CARNE y ARENA, recognized by the Academy as an exceptional storytelling experience.


is an awe-inspiring immersive experience that transports you into space, aboard the International Space Station, through a breathtaking journey that lasts 60 minutes. Several mediums (virtual reality, augmented reality, and projections) collide with exceptional realism, allowing you to discover life in orbit in a way only 250 astronauts have experienced. Discover never before seen footage captured by the astronauts for Space Explorers: The ISS Experience

—2021 Emmy-nominee in the Outstanding Interactive Program category—the largest production ever filmed in space, produced by Felix & Paul Studios in association with TIME Studios, NASA, and the ISS National Lab.

Teleported alongside the astronauts, witness their epic, emotional and inspiring adventure. The emotional ascent of the experience also includes an exclusive work by Ryoji Ikeda, formed by an LED ceiling and mirrored floor. The pitch-black expanse, feeling of weightlessness, and even the sensation of vertigo will be at the heart of this chapter. In a time where international collaboration is becoming more and more necessary, the lessons and human values that guide each space mission encourage us to reflect on the actions that will ensure the sustainability of our planet Earth. Experience the vastness of space and see Earth from a whole new perspective!

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