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Small Is Beautiful is the biggest international exhibition entirely devoted to mini art

Worn as an everyday garment by some and considered by others to be contrived or uncomfortable, the definition of the sari has multiple subjectivities. Conventionally an unstitched drape wrapped around the body, which can be draped in multiple ways, its unfixed form has enabled it to morph and be absorbent of cultural influences. 


In recent years the sari has been reinvented. The urban youth who previously associated the sari with formal wear can now be found wearing saris and sneakers on their commutes to work. Designers are experimenting with hybrid forms such as sari gowns and dresses, pre-draped saris and innovative materials such as steel. 

Today the sari manifests as a garment subject to transformation, an expression of identity and resistance, and a crafted object with layers of cultural meanings. This exhibition positions the sari as a designed object from these three perspectives.


A trio on a global scale, three great figures in the history of Pop Art: this artistic phenomenon born in the 1950s has left its permanent mark on the world thanks to these colorful visuals of worldwide renown.

Discover more than 150 original works by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Keith Haring; the emblematic figures who democratized Art by taking it out of the elitist classes of the time.

Immerse yourself in the world of these Pop Masters, and relive the atmosphere and the artistic revolution in the heart of Brussels!


Locomotives of the Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring & Roy Lichtenstein illustrate through their distinctive styles the richness of one of the art forms that best showed the way to many transgressive artists.

Major projects, emblematic commissions, personal commitments, and exceptional inspirations are on the menu of a selection never seen in Belgium.

Pop Master also traces the evolution of society in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Behind the artistic work, Pop Art has the ability to tell fascinating stories.

Lashing Skies investigates the tension between individual and collective memory, through five (5) individual’s stories during the events of September 11, 2001. Although these attacks are still deeply rooted in our collective memory, it is not the only tragic common experience in our recent human history. The Paris attacks at the Bataclan, the explosions at the port of Beirut, and of course the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, are still felt to this day.

We all have particular moments in time throughout our lives when tragedy hits, and marks us for time eternal. We pose the same questions: Where were you that day, that morning? These stories, anchored in time, space, and bodies, affect us all in different ways. Our collective conscience cannot be denied. Rather than avoiding it, we say explore it.

Your journey will take you through a large, dark room filled with ashes and paper scattered throughout the space. As you wander, so to does your mind. What happened here? Where do I begin?

Each poem investigates a human story on the fringe of disaster and the collective narrative that ties them together. You will confront each, without ever meeting their physical or psychological portraits. The soundscapes will envelope you, allowing you to recreate each character and their environment from your own imagination.

Based on the poem series, Ciel à outrances, written by Madeleine Monette and published by Hexagone Editions.

Poems translated by Phyllis Aronoff and Howard Scott and published under the title Lashing Skies by Ekstasis Editions.

Aiming to reignite respect for our essential and complex biosphere, Our Time on Earth explores different ways of existing on Earth, particularly in the face of the climate crisis. Featuring 12 new collaborative commissions that include: A Biological Future for Fashion by BIOFABRICATE supported by Parley for the Oceans; The World Beneath Our Feet by Holition with George Monbiot; and the Sonic Waterfall by Silent Studios with Damon Albarn.

A journey through immersive, interactive installations and digital works, the exhibition is an exploration of radical ideas for the way we live. Where technology brings us closer to nature, and indigenous insight reconnects us to our roots. Enter the story of our future, with perspectives spanning art, science, activism and more.

This timely and unique exhibition encourages visitors to take an active role and leave feeling empowered to make positive change.

How are tin toys made? Which toys were popular in each decade of the twentieth century? Toytopia offers an immersive, interactive experience for visitors to engage with the history of their favorite toys. Visitors can explore the origins of toys, how they are made, and why some have become so iconic. Toytopia has something for visitors of all ages—from the nostalgic fun of working arcade games from the 1970s and 80s, to a larger-than-life dollhouse for smaller visitors to romp around in. Toytopia is an interactive experience that is sure to inspire the joy of play in everyone.


• World’s Largest Etch-A-Sketch™

• Life-size dollhouse

• Monopoly™ car photo op

• Zoltar™ fortune teller

• Retro video game arcade

• Bachmann™ train layout with cutaways that showcase its production

• LEGO® train layout

• World’s smallest G-scale figure 8 train layout

• Educator guide

• Marketing & PR kits

• Retail/merchandise program


5,000 – 8,000 square feet (500 – 800 square meters),

minimum ceiling height of 12 feet


Shipping domestic: 3 trucks

Installation: approx. 5 working days

Deinstallation: approx. 5 working days


The Animation Academy explores the unique world of animation, from traditional hand-drawn cels to exciting breakthroughs in stop-motion and CGI.

Visitors will create their own stop-motion animated shorts, learn about the art of storyboarding, go behind the scenes with artists and animators, and enjoy America’s largest 3D zoetrope. Each display and interactive activity features the participation of industry leaders, from original hand-drawn cels to real stop-motion maquettes.


• World’s largest 3D zoetrope

• 2D and 3D stop motion station interactives

• Animation university experience

• Tracing station

• Scooby Doo™ photo op

• Shrek KEVA castle interactive

• Spongebob™ photo op

• “That’s All Folks!™” photo op

• Simpsons photo op

• Magnetic storyboard interactive

• RFID animation process interactive

• Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride car photo op

• Educator guide

• Marketing & PR kits

• Retail/merchandise program


5,000 – 8,000 square feet (500 – 800 square meters),

minimum ceiling height of 12 feet (3.6 meters)


Shipping domestic: 4 trucks

Installation: approx. 5 working days

Deinstallation: approx. 5 working days

Put your visitors at the center of the action as they explore today’s digital world

through over a dozen larger-than-life exhibits in technology, art, play, and media,

presented from a powerful new perspective they’ve never imagined.

In Digital Me, visitors meet themselves in the digital world, witness the traces

they leave behind, and explore how their every action and image is preserved

and stored in the history of the web. They’ll learn how they appear to others

online and how information about them is collected – sometimes without even

noticing – and how it can affect them in the future.

The colorful, experiential exhibition is suitable for all ages- young children can

experiment with new technologies and surprising exhibits, and adults will gain

a deeper understanding of the implications of our presence on the Internet.


5,500 – 7,500 sq ft (500 – 700 m),

recommended ceiling height minimum 10 feet (3 meters)


• Over a dozen oversized interactives

• 16-foot-long selfie and family portraits station

• Digital labyrinth that preserves the traces of the visitor’s path

• Huge screens for tracking visitors’ online moves

• Visiting a city that knows visitors through their web history

We are thrilled to announce the next positively charged collaboration with New Mexico-based Electric Playhouse. This latest partnership teams up EDG’s long-term reputation in the exhibition traveling space, creative entrepreneurial spirit and international cultural prowess with the artistry of Electric Playhouse’s digital and immersive designers, developers and creative technologists.

The digital hands-free experience is a mix of games, artistic interactives, and experiences that are ready for exploration. Using projection mapping and sensors, movements are tracked for the interactions without the need for headsets or other wearable devices.

Flexible design layouts

5,000 sq ft – 10,000 sq ft

The Exhibition consistS of:

• Two large experience zones, called Arenas 

• Four smaller experience zones, called Pods. 

  One of which features a selfie station

• One large accent piece, called Feature Wall

• One LED Lighting entrance Tunnel

These components are modularly designed and can be arranged to optimize the available gallery space 

and visitor experience. We will work with you

Supermodel and global fashion icon Claudia Schiffer takes visitors on a personal journey through the fashion industry of the 1990’s. A story told in her own voice with contributions from legendary fashion photographers, designers, editors and supermodels, whose energy and vision – like Claudia’s – captivated and shaped the decade.

CAPTIVATE! was successfully presented for the first time in the Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf/Germany.

The international touring of the exhibition is a cooperation project between the Kunstpalast and Expona.


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