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Viewed by more than 25 million people worldwide, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is one of the highest attended in history. More than 350 artifacts recovered from the wreck site of Titanic are on display along with full-scale room re-creations, interactive environments, compelling stories, and exclusive video of how the Titanic resides today. E/M Group operates permanent exhibitions in Las Vegas and Orlando, and a virtual exhibition at

We invite you to step inside an educational and entertaining experience for all ages.

Savage Ancient Seas is the only traveling exhibition featuring the marine fossil world of the Late Cretaceous Period. The exhibit is filled with huge carnivorous marine reptiles, gigantic flesh-eating fish big enough to swallow an adult human, flying reptiles with the wingspan of a small airplane and the biggest sea turtles to have ever lived. Unrivaled for their amazing varieties, voracious appetites, incredible teeth and gaping jaws, the creatures of the Savage Ancient Seas are unlike anything known in today’s world! Fantastic specimens are accompanied by accurate and engaging information via kiosks, touchscreens, graphic panels, mobile device content, big-screen videos and real fossils for visitors to touch. Fresh artwork provided by Brian Engh ( created specifically for the exhibit graphically depicts scientifically accurate still-life moments from the inland seaway in the Age of Dinosaurs. In concert, these exhibit components provide your visitor with a greater understanding and appreciation for these magnificent denizens of the distant past. Savage Ancient Seas is devoted to making the exhibition a valuable experience for the booking venue. Everything is modular so we can accommodate different sized venues and challenging display circumstances. The entire show fits into a single 53 foot long semi trailer, so extensive loading and unloading is not necessary. Our install team is made up of the same people who build the skeletons. A simple, fast, no-drama install and strike take less than a week each, which minimizes downtime for your venue and gets your visitors back through the door quickly. Most venues see a 30% visitorship increase! With Savage Ancient Seas, you get: –         Extraordinary marine skeletons that showcase the ocean-going animals that were around at the end of the dinosaurs! –         Unique displays –         A proven track record of success –         Easy setup and strike –         Modular, easy to customize exhibitsThe sea and seafaring have always been one of fashion’s greatest sources of inspiration. Through clothing, films, photos and interviews, the exhibition sheds light on how fashion to this day has hailed, borrowed and stolen from the maritime style and culture. The exhibition features a selection of young designers as well as a large number of the biggest names on the international fashion scene. The touring of the exhibition is a cooperation project between the M/S Maritime Museum in Denmark and Expona.

JAMES CAMERON – CHALLENGING THE DEEP is a major immersive exhibition that traces filmmaker James Cameron’s lifelong pursuit of and achievements in deep-ocean science, technology and exploration, including his record-breaking dives in DEEPSEA CHALLENGER.


Throughout this digitally-rich experience are artifacts from Cameron’s expeditions, the science and technology that make them possible, and from his creativity as a renowned feature and documentary filmmaker.


Exhibition Components

On the occasion of the celebration of 200 years since the Greek Revolution of 1821, PAN Art Connections, Inc. presents the exhibition: “THE NAVAL STRUGGLE OF THE GREEKS DURING THE REVOLUTION OF 1821”. This unique exhibition consists of 55 exhibits and national treasures dating from the Revolution of 1821 that belong to the collection of the Historical Archive-Museum of Hydra (HAMH), plus 20 handmade models representing ships that were used during the naval operations of 1821 from the collection of Mr.Dimitris Maras, Mechanical-Engineer M.Sc, Microshipbuilder. The Bicentennial of the Revolution of 1821, which also marks the founding of the Modern Greek State, is of highest historical importance to all Greeks around the world. The aim of the exhibition is its presentation in countries abroad, creating a unique opportunity to promote the contribution of the Greek Revolution to the history of Europe through its multi-thematic levels that will be of interest not only to Greek Diaspora, but to the global community as well.Titanic The Exhibition is an interactive exhibition sponsored by National Geographic, showcasing over 300 artifacts from Titanic and her sister ships and from famous films to tell the chronological, dramatic tale of the design, creation, launch, maiden voyage and tragedy of the largest and most luxurious ship in the world at the time. The artifacts are set inside beautiful fully immersive recreations of the ships interior and tell the latest details of her sinking and discovery. The artifacts are a combination of those that survived the sinking of the Titanic, her sister ships as well as items from the James Cameron blockbuster film Titanic. Titanic The Exhibition is an interactive experience, where visitors receive a boarding pass corresponding with a passenger on the ship. This allows the visitors to relate to the individual story of their passenger as they explore the first, second and third class galleries and the artifacts from each. They will hear the music of the era as they examine exact recreations of the ship’s interiors, stroll the promenade deck, and marvel at the famous Grand Staircase, the social gathering place of the ship. The stories of love and loss culminate in the final galleries showcasing personal effects and the individual anecdotes surrounding a tribute wall where each passenger’s fate is revealed. The Discovery Gallery, dedicated to the discovery and research of Titanic’s wreck site, features a raised glass floor; giving an impression of walking along the bottom of the ocean. Broken china and artifacts in the sand below allow visitors to experience what discovery teams saw during dives to Titanic’s wreck site. A striking and informative film, narrated by James Cameron, provides an in-depth look at the most recent forensic research related to the collision, breakup, and sinking of the Titanic. Also featured in the Discovery Gallery, National Geographic’s Emory Kristof’s award winning underwater photography of the Titanic lines the walls in a stunning display of the ship’s current state on the sea floor.

Voyage to the Deep is an interactive exhibition developed by the Australian National Maritime Museum and toured internationally by Flying Fish. Based on French author Jules Verne’s 1870 classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the exhibition brings to life the deepsea adventures of Captain Nemo, his fantastical Nautilus submarine and the mythical world he inhabited.At the center of this fantasy world is the giant Nautilus where kids can climb aboard and discover the innerworkings of a deep-sea submersible. They can take up the controls at the helm, peer through the periscopes, crank the propeller, test out the bunks and explore Captain Nemo’s Cabinet of Curiosities full of wonderful marine specimens. There’s even a bubbly pipe organ to play and a galley full of strange foods to discover!

Jurassic Oceans will take visitors on a journey beneath the waves to discover the fascinating and strange creatures that inhabited the world’s Jurassic seas at a time when dinosaurs ruled the land. Immersive state-of-the-art CGI experiences will bring visitors face-to-face with some of the most ferocious creatures ever to rule the seas. With more than nine million specimens, the Natural History Museum’s fossil collection is the largest and most comprehensive in the world. Jurassic Oceans will feature some of the rarest and most remarkable specimens, including complete, fully articulated fossil skeletons. Displayed together for the first time, they tell a compelling story of a prehistoric underwater environment radically different from our seas today. As visitors explore the seas of the Jurassic, they will discover how these giant marine creatures evolved from land-dwelling reptiles, with some species becoming bigger and fiercer than the dinosaurs roaming the land. Visitors will learn how these highly adapted hunters came to dominate their marine environment, becoming the top predators millions of years before sharks were.

The travelling exhibition includes 20 handmade models coming from a collection of over 150. Each model is constructed after extensive research and paying attention to every detail, even to the wood used during each historic period. The history of navigation in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas is a fascinating narrative of sea voyages, shipbuilding accomplishments, dissemination of ideas and technological development. This exhibition is a presentation of the history of shipbuilding and seafaring, from antiquity to modern times and is presented through 35 beautifully handmade and historically accurate ship models. The models were constructed by Mr. Dimitris Maras, M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and model shipbuilder who turned his hobby into a full-time passion. He has studied the naval architectural history of the Greek world, searching old records for details about both the designs and the methods of construction. His model vessels, all hand made in the wood used during each historical period, vary in size from 1 ½ ft. to 6 ft. and are exact replicas to the smallest detail. Mr. Maras’ attention to detail extends even to the parts of his ships that are hidden to the viewer. The size and exceptional quality of these models help the viewer to better understand the evolution of shipbuilding among the people of the Mediterranean, from antiquity to the mid-20th century, through an imaginary voyage in time.

The exhibition, created in collaboration with Contemporanea Progetti, is a fascinating journey through the sea. The trade routes, the expansion of a great super power in the Mediterranean sea, the greatness of the Doges, the splendor of the most famous among the Maritime Republics. An exciting collection of original works of art, evocative videos and reconstructions through which a mix of historical reality, myth, legends and great characters will take us to a journey exploring the Venetian lagoon, its Arsenal and the fight for supremacy on the sea. Culture and power entwined to tell a story filled with twists and grandeur, with sea as the main character, exploring the legend of Venice, of its rulers and the challenges of the contemporary city as a destination of mass-tourism.

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