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We are thrilled to announce the next positively charged collaboration with New Mexico-based Electric Playhouse. This latest partnership teams up EDG’s long-term reputation in the exhibition traveling space, creative entrepreneurial spirit and international cultural prowess with the artistry of Electric Playhouse’s digital and immersive designers, developers and creative technologists.

The digital hands-free experience is a mix of games, artistic interactives, and experiences that are ready for exploration. Using projection mapping and sensors, movements are tracked for the interactions without the need for headsets or other wearable devices.

Flexible design layouts

5,000 sq ft – 10,000 sq ft

The Exhibition consistS of:

• Two large experience zones, called Arenas 

• Four smaller experience zones, called Pods. 

  One of which features a selfie station

• One large accent piece, called Feature Wall

• One LED Lighting entrance Tunnel

These components are modularly designed and can be arranged to optimize the available gallery space 

and visitor experience. We will work with you

Fela Kuti

A story of 120 million years of adaptation and survival, Bees is the epic tale of these incredible creatures and their relationship to us and the natural world. Perfectly adapted to pollinate and incredibly diverse with over 20,000 species, bees are vital to our way of life and essential to the planet’s survival. Journey with us into their world, from the tiny and fascinating anatomy of a single bee to the magic and wonder of bee colonies, the role bees play in our lives and the threats they face.

Bees: a story of survival is a new exhibition from National Museums Liverpool (NML), developed through a unique partnership with the award-winning artist and sculptor Wolfgang Buttress. Years in the making, inspired by the extensive entomology collections, scientific knowledge and creative expertise at National Museums Liverpool and led by Wolfgang’s artistic vision, Bees is a beautiful harmony of art and science which will connect audiences in an awe-inspiring way.Visually stunning and immersive, Bees will be an experiential wonderland revealing new insights into their world, and an opportunity to see and experience bees as never before.

Bees features cutting edge technology, with sound and light environments that will not only provide a real time connection to bees within their environment, but also an ever changing picture of their activity.The structure of the exhibition itself is informed by bees, using algorithms to replicate the amazing structures bees create within their hives.Bees are facing extinction, could their decline be a reflection of the impending destruction of our natural world? This will be an emotional and thought-provoking experience which will ultimately remind us that the time for action is now.

On the centenary of the birth of the composer Iannis Xenakis, the Philharmonie de Paris celebrates one of the most fertile artists of the second half of the 20th century. A fan of Greek antiquity, “born fifteen centuries too late” as he said, Xenakis was nevertheless a creator at the cutting edge of the most radical modernity.

He was a composer, architect, engineer, computer scientist and mathematician, and was a pioneer in many fields, such as electro-acoustic music, computer music and the immersive electronic concert.

The exhibition places Xenakis’s music – at once a reference to Antiquity, an ode to nature and the elements, and a tribute to modernism at its most extreme – at its centre and the listener at the heart of the musical action; numerous graphic, audio and multimedia devices allow us to apprehend the composer’s abundant catalogue. By retracing Xenakis’s journey and the influences that nourished his work, the exhibition also looks at Xenakis’s position within the various political and aesthetic landscapes of his time and his perception by his contemporaries.

Summer means festival fun in the sun! Four large, standalone MMM sound sculptures and orchestral apparatuses make their way around the the world every summer.

These huge sound sculptures encourage collaborative music making, with many of the instruments only able to produce sound when several participants work together at once – just as most music is often a “collective societal sculpture” produced through teamwork.


Play with the sounds of water, wet and wild. 25 tubs with instruments like swim drums, water organs, dive gongs, splish and splash piano, bubble tub …


the mobile musical construction site – from the underground! 30 drums, 2 slam organs, 3 helipipipers, monster flutes and tubular bells made from sewer piping.


The multifunctional orchestral apparatus for a heavy metal bang. 25 meters of frames with reycled car parts, tuned chimes and cowbells or all kind of found objects from metal.


The Orchestra of Giants consists of humongous musical instruments that offer a basic introduction to the physics of sound and the way musical instruments are constructed. They allow participants to explore how factors such as length, tension and the resonant materials used to make an instrument affect its pitch and sound quality.

The MobileMusicMuseum can offer a fully tailored experience for all generations combing live performance and hands on acitivities like DIY-instrument building.

A Surprising Sound Playground The interactive musical exhibition “Make Music!!” consists of various hands-on sound sculptures that inspire visitors of all ages to play and experiment with tones and sounds. You can choose from a long list of exhibits to tailor a visitor experience which matches your institution and vsitors: Along with their aesthetic and playful qualities, the large, robust hands-on exhibits allow for creative cross-referencing between and among the topics of instrument buildings, acoustical physics, music, language, movement and group play. Some possible themes are:

Make Music!!

Play and experience all the systematics of instruments and vibrating materials


Step on the giant WalkingBass, pluck the BodyWeightMonochord or see a standing wave…


Slam an Organ, push the Monsterflute, hoover the Helipiper


wiggle on the PressureDrum, strike the DrumTable


bang the Tetrachord, make musical paterns at the Earthxylophone, feel the node at the Wobble Pole and GiantBell


14 round tables for silent sounding communcation and team play with electronics hideen in the tables

Sounding Numbers:

Music and Mathematics, Numbers, Beats and Tones


SoundColorShape: Eyes and Ears, Music and Art After more then 50 exhibitions all over Europe at mayor science centers and museums the MobileMusicMuseum offers its experience to find a customized selection of exhibits for your institution. For this exhibition, all available MMM loan exhibitions can be mixed and matched according to the desired topic, space requirements, budget and number of visitors. Visitors:Children 3 years and up, families, adults Space: 100 to 1500 sqm Duration: one-day events or multiple months Setup time: 1-3 days The MobileMusicMuseum can provide a fully tailored exerience for all generations combining live perfromance and hands on experiences plus DIY-instrument building workshops.On the opposite of the most of VR experiences which seek strong emotions, Mandala, A Brief Moment In Time develops a quiet and introspective atmosphere. The experience deals with people’s relationship with the physical world based on the Buddhist philosophical concept of impermanence, which considers that all phenomenon and objects of the physical word are in a state of perpetual change. Mandala, A Brief Moment In Time is a self-exploration experience. Spectators are first offered the opportunity to fill an empty place by creating, a unique drawing, by interacting with each other. Then, adding to the creative pleasure of this collaborative work, the experience turns into an immersive theater experience. With its physical set design and a live motion-capture actor, the experience aims to an absolute immersion. The creative act will be the root of spectator’s emotional involvement. They will have to protect their creation, accept to let it grow and then learn to let it go. Confronted with humor to a moral dilemma, the experience gives them the opportunity to discover a little more about themselves. Visiting an ancient Buddhist temple, visitors first enter a preparation room, a storage room for ancient puppetry material. Playing with the puppets, they unlock mini-games and challenges inspired by the story of a famous Chinese folktale, the journey of Sun WuKong the monkey king and Erlang Shen the heaven soldier. Going through the story and solving the enigmas together visitors are encouraged to reflect on their everyday behavior and weaknesses and learn the philosophical meaning of the mandala. Once they are familiar with the monkey king’s universe, the visitors are allowed to enter the temple, where they find VR equipment and are invited to enter the magical world. In the virtual reality, they can create together a light structure, their own colorful mandala. They will design their creation by moving together, following a relaxing music. Depending on their movements and choices of interaction and collaboration, each drawing created is unique. The energy instilled in their creation soon brings to life the fantastic creatures of the tale. Their newly found philosophy will be challenged, as they have to choose to protect or not the monkey from the soldier chasing him.

A SONG WITHIN US combines virtual reality and sound interaction with ambisonic system.

Lights turn on. The stage of a theater. A dozen Taiwanese aboriginal singers stand around me on a circle. The dancers move in harmony, singing together a traditional song. you sing with them and, under the effect of your voice, the environment is changing. On the walls of the room, the variations of lights form infinite landscapes that evolves, grow and, gradually, occupy all space until… The dream takes over.

A Song Within Us is a sound-interactive experience

, with Ambisonic audio. It is an experience that encourages viewers to become involved in a Taiwanese aboriginal fantasy ritual.In the experience, viewers can witness the preparations like a behind- the-scenes person and learn about task arrangement along hierarchies in the ceremony. Since dancing and singing are the most significant cultural symbols among indigenous peoples in Taiwan, viewers can learn the characteristics of “No move un-danced, no voice unsung.” 

From his childhood in outer Paris (Porte d’Orléans) to his musical universe peopled with characters sketched in verse, this exhibition explores the work of Renaud, a major torchbearer in realistic French songwriting who remains one of France’s most popular singers today.

Since emerging forty years ago, hip-hop has never ceased to shake up music, culture and society. 

Hip-hop stars are the most popular artists. Their words become our everyday expressions. Their melodies get in everyone’s heads. 

Born in the streets and raised in urban basements and studios, voluble, inventive, insatiable hip-hop is now ubiquitous : in fashion and sports, in literature and film, in school yards and university lecture halls, on television and social media. 

After Jazz, Electronic and Arab music, Musée de la musique is now devoting an exhibition to Hip-Hop: its musical genre, but also its impact on all the disciplines it has nurtured, from fashion to cinema, from literature to graphic arts. 

Visual, audiovisual and participatory, this exhibition seeks to transcribe the energy from a movement that is constantly on the lookout for new forms of musical creation and distribution.

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