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A 15 mn interactive tour in the Virtual cave allows visitor to be alone totally immerged and to interact with the walls, to draw upon the walls, to experience various paintings techniques and finally to enter in the Felin gallery where nobody has been since 1940 !!!!

Unique, exclusive, amazing, unforgettable, Lascaux Experience is a powerful approach to understand who were our Cro Magnon ancestors and to realize how elegant – and mysterious – was their culture, 20 000 years ago.

Visitors step deep into the tropical rain forests of Central America, where Maya ruins witness an age of magnificence. There, Classic Maya civilization reached improbable heights and mysteriously collapsed. Yet, their culture has never disappeared — ancient traditions and languages are still alive. This turnkey traveling exhibition sheds light on the true story of this powerful culture from ancient times to present day. We reveal more than 300 spectacular original Maya objects from Guatemala, reflecting classic and contemporary Maya culture and history. Visitors can explore the awe-inspiring Maya architecture and astonishing cultural accomplishments in unique, immersive exhibition spaces.

A real pre-historical burial place, discovered in 1928 on Téviec Island, just off Quiberon, France, is at the centre of a thrilling scientific investigation: who are these 2 human beings buried next to each other? What are these objects surrounding their skeletons? What happened to them? Which era did they live in? Go on a hunt for clues: observe, deduce and become an expert pre-historian! Armed with your study booklet, explore the seven investigation hubs to solve the mystery of Téviec.
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