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Lashing Skies investigates the tension between individual and collective memory, through five (5) individual’s stories during the events of September 11, 2001. Although these attacks are still deeply rooted in our collective memory, it is not the only tragic common experience in our recent human history. The Paris attacks at the Bataclan, the explosions at the port of Beirut, and of course the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, are still felt to this day.

We all have particular moments in time throughout our lives when tragedy hits, and marks us for time eternal. We pose the same questions: Where were you that day, that morning? These stories, anchored in time, space, and bodies, affect us all in different ways. Our collective conscience cannot be denied. Rather than avoiding it, we say explore it.

Your journey will take you through a large, dark room filled with ashes and paper scattered throughout the space. As you wander, so to does your mind. What happened here? Where do I begin?

Each poem investigates a human story on the fringe of disaster and the collective narrative that ties them together. You will confront each, without ever meeting their physical or psychological portraits. The soundscapes will envelope you, allowing you to recreate each character and their environment from your own imagination.

Based on the poem series, Ciel à outrances, written by Madeleine Monette and published by Hexagone Editions.

Poems translated by Phyllis Aronoff and Howard Scott and published under the title Lashing Skies by Ekstasis Editions.

This exhibition is currently in development with plans for a May 2023 premiere in North America. Please stay tuned for updates as we uncover Julia’s story; her passion for French cooking which began when she moved to Paris with her husband, Paul; her graduation from Le Cordon Bleu; then returning to the U.S., soon becoming a fixture on public television and an influence to millions.

The exhibition will consist of photographs, personal objects and memorabilia, multimedia, and a replica television studio kitchen. It will be accompanied by an exhibition catalogue and custom merchandise.

This traveling exhibition is being produced by Flying Fish in collaboration with the Napa Valley Museum, under rights granted by The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts and The Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University.

Photo of Julia Child – Photography by Paul Child © The Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University

How are tin toys made? Which toys were popular in each decade of the twentieth century? Toytopia offers an immersive, interactive experience for visitors to engage with the history of their favorite toys. Visitors can explore the origins of toys, how they are made, and why some have become so iconic. Toytopia has something for visitors of all ages—from the nostalgic fun of working arcade games from the 1970s and 80s, to a larger-than-life dollhouse for smaller visitors to romp around in. Toytopia is an interactive experience that is sure to inspire the joy of play in everyone.


• World’s Largest Etch-A-Sketch™

• Life-size dollhouse

• Monopoly™ car photo op

• Zoltar™ fortune teller

• Retro video game arcade

• Bachmann™ train layout with cutaways that showcase its production

• LEGO® train layout

• World’s smallest G-scale figure 8 train layout

• Educator guide

• Marketing & PR kits

• Retail/merchandise program


5,000 – 8,000 square feet (500 – 800 square meters),

minimum ceiling height of 12 feet


Shipping domestic: 3 trucks

Installation: approx. 5 working days

Deinstallation: approx. 5 working days


The streets of London – dark, shadowy, mysterious – set the stage for Sherlock Holmes: The Exhibition.

The science driven experiential and environmental exhibition invites you to follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes, the literary creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Join the master detective on his pursuit to crack the most intricate mysteries and dreadful crimes using the powers of deduction and the most cutting-edge 19th century techniques of forensic science. Surpass the infallible Holmes by joining today’s forensic scientists with 120 years of scientific progress and discovery at your fingertips.The Exhibition is an Enlightening Adventure Into Forensic Science.

With original artifacts and expert commentary, the experience presents an in-depth look at the literary character through the eyes of pop culture and at its creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A physician by trade and a curious investigator himself, Doyle championed a scientific approach to criminal investigation at a time when such forensic techniques were only slowly being incorporated into everyday police work. With astute observation, careful analysis and wit, he fashioned the sinister crimes that gripped Victorian London into riveting tales of mystery, their complexity only surmounted by the masterful solutions developed by Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. John H. Watson.

Just as Doyle, the unconventional, forward-looking Holmes championed what was a nascent science at his time. As is the case with modern forensics, Holmes’ investigative approach was highly interdisciplinary, and so is the science represented in this exhibition. Real scientists and specialists introduce a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines engaging us as we train to become a master sleuth.



• Over 200 original artifacts

• Over two dozen hands-on interactives

• Authentic 19th century environments

• Educational materials meeting STEM initiatives

• Website with supporting content:

• Marketing & PR kits

• Retail/merchandise program


8,000 – 10,000 square feet (800 – 1,000 square meters),

minimum ceiling height of 12 feet (4 meters)


Shipping domestic: 8-10 trucks

Shipping international: 12 containers & airfreight for artifacts

Installation: approx. 15 working days

Deinstallation: approx. 12 working days

Put your visitors at the center of the action as they explore today’s digital world

through over a dozen larger-than-life exhibits in technology, art, play, and media,

presented from a powerful new perspective they’ve never imagined.

In Digital Me, visitors meet themselves in the digital world, witness the traces

they leave behind, and explore how their every action and image is preserved

and stored in the history of the web. They’ll learn how they appear to others

online and how information about them is collected – sometimes without even

noticing – and how it can affect them in the future.

The colorful, experiential exhibition is suitable for all ages- young children can

experiment with new technologies and surprising exhibits, and adults will gain

a deeper understanding of the implications of our presence on the Internet.


5,500 – 7,500 sq ft (500 – 700 m),

recommended ceiling height minimum 10 feet (3 meters)


• Over a dozen oversized interactives

• 16-foot-long selfie and family portraits station

• Digital labyrinth that preserves the traces of the visitor’s path

• Huge screens for tracking visitors’ online moves

• Visiting a city that knows visitors through their web history

„There’s only one planet earth, which we share” – Chinese photographer Lu Guang (*1961) came to this conclusion through his work. Lu Guang engages with the socio-economic and ecological issues of industrial China. The country, which has no oil reserves of its own, produces and consumes more coal than any other nation on earth. “Black Gold and China. Photographs by Lu Guang“ is Lu Guang’s first solo exhibition in Germany. It provides an insight into the work of one of the most important Chinese photographers.

Lu Guang’s photographs reflect the consequences of unrestrained coal mining and highlights the accompanying environmental destruction, the extent of which is causing international concern. His work strikingly showcases air pollution in Hebei Province as one of the collateral damages upon which China’s rise to international economic power is build.

Yet nature is not the only thing sacrificed in order to win this economic race: Lu Guang’s powerful pictures also capture the social realities of those living within these industrial landscapes, often in poverty. The exhibition focuses on the hard physical labour, the dangers and the poor living conditions affecting the miners. Additionally, it shows how humankind influences the environment, changing and often even destroying it.

The exhibition follows the chronology of Lu Guang’s travels through his home country, from Inner Mongolia’s “sea of coal” to the “cities of steal” at the eastern coast of Hebei province. The photographer’s numerous journeys started in 1995. At first, he captured his experiences on black-and-white film, nine years later, he started to use colour, and ever since 2005, he takes all his pictures digitally. The 22-year-long project was finished in 2017 and documents Chinas extraordinary economic development. Nowadays, China produces and consumes half the world’s coal.

With his work, Lu Guang makes a valuable contribution to the documentation of the environmental destruction following the exploitation of geological resources in a country that has developed into a quickly growing economic superpower from the beginning of the 21st century onwards and has become one of the main trading partner to many nations – including Germany.

The exhibition uses the case of the Chinese coal industry as an example for phenomena that can be found in countless coal mining areas around the world and throughout time.

Lu Guang has won several renowned international photography awards. This exhibition at the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum shows over 100 photographs, both in colour as well as in black-and-white, and is accompanied by a comprehensive educational programme.

The Deutscher Kunstverlag published a 160-page-long, generously illustrated catalogue. It includes texts by Lu Guang, Robert Pledge, Hu Donglin and Sandra Badelt.

Curators: Robert Pledge (Contact Press Images New York/Paris) and Sandra Badelt (Head of the department Exhibitions & Education).

Fela Kuti

Viewed by more than 25 million people worldwide, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is one of the highest attended in history. More than 350 artifacts recovered from the wreck site of Titanic are on display along with full-scale room re-creations, interactive environments, compelling stories, and exclusive video of how the Titanic resides today. E/M Group operates permanent exhibitions in Las Vegas and Orlando, and a virtual exhibition at

We invite you to step inside an educational and entertaining experience for all ages.

Warning, garbage monster alert!

Sometimes they’re really big, sometimes tiny. We encounter them everywhere in everyday life, at home, on the street, in nature or even in places where we do not expect them. Garbage accompanies us like a steadily growing monster. It makes you sick and harms the environment.

But when do things become garbage? And how do you get rid of the monsters?

The interactive exhibition for children and families uses examples from the world of visitors, starting in the kitchen. What problems does garbage pose and how is it disposed of? It is thematized which routes garbage takes and which technology, logistics and effort are also required for recycling.

Dealing with garbage is socially relevant and has to do with responsibility – in the family, in the community, for the planet. Hands-on stations playfully create sensual access to the topic. The questions addressed are how garbage was dealt with in the past, what the major and minor consequences are, or how it will and should continue to accompany us in the future. The goal is less rubbish! Therefore, topics such as sustainability, upcycling or repairing things should not be missing in the exhibition.

Academy Award winner Roger Ross Williams’ finely observed and crafted visit to Ben’s Chili Bowl, a famed DC restaurant, transforms a central community locale into a symbolic safe space. African American visitors, some of whom lived through segregation, sit and share a moment of honest discussion, reflecting on their experiences of restricted movement and race relations in the U.S. These stories strengthen bonds among communities by bringing hidden histories into our modern collective consciousness.

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