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Worst Case Scenario: Survival Experience

Danger! It lurks all around you. Volcanoes! Sharks! Quicksand!! War Zones!!! Zombies!!! What do you do? The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Experience is here for you.

Your guests have tinkered, they have made, now it is time to put those valuable skills into practice. It is time to learn how to survive. Worst-Case Scenario is a hands-on-minds-on step-by-step series of courses providing the essential instructions for everything you need to know when encountering these real life scenarios. From defusing a bomb to delivering a baby in the back of a cab, landing a plane to escaping from zombies, The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Experience will help you get through and have you laughing along the way.


Worst-Case Scenario Survival Experience provides practical situational exercises that utilize many of the skills that are acquired through tinkering and making, encouraging exploration and discovery. This exhibition is aspirational, educational, and hilarious.

Exhibition Specifications

• 6,000 – 8,000 Square Feet

• 300+ guests an hour

• Modular

• Interactive

• Escape Scenarios

• 2 Staff Minimum

Brand Strength

• New York Times Best Sellers

• More than 10 million books sold

• 25 languages

• 40+ titles published

• TV series

– 2002 on TBS

– 2010 on Discovery

• Board Games and Video Games

Take a journey through the human body to get an up-close look inside our skeletal, muscular, respiratory, nervous, digestive, reproductive/urinary, and fetal body. BODIES…The Exhibition provides an intimate and informative view into the human body. Using an innovative preservation process, this exhibition allows you to see and celebrate your body’s inner beauty in ways that you never dreamed possible.

The digital revolution and the development of biotechnologies place humanity at a turning point where ethical questions take centre stage. The exhibition’s Inventive and humorous museography combined with immersive and artistic staging are designed to question our own limits…and beyond!


A number of contemporary artistic installations pose the question of what is  specifically human. A major audiovisual display introduces us to the controversy: is Man an animal like other animals?


The exhibition decodes the desire of Man to surpass his limits. An interactive training area gives visitors an opportunity to transform their appearance, before learning more about athletes who have pushed back their physical limits…but also their mental ones. 


Prosthetics, exoskeletons, implants, connected objects… A great variety of devices in the field of man-machine are illustrated in this part. A humorous film decodes the contradictory positions of “bio-conservatism” and “technoprogressivism”. 


In a scenic laboratory setting, visitors are invited to create the “perfect” baby through genetic manipulation of the embryo. A novel experiment which questions the use of biotechnologies and their ethical dimensions…


A mix of objects from ethnographic collections, contemporary art, folk art and mysterious special effects, this part of the exhibition examines the quest for immortality throughout human history, and one of its recent variations: trans-humanism. 


A dramatic setting takes visitors to a situation of collapse: a cinematographic apocalypse or the 6th crisis of biodiversity? But then, what can be our shared vision for the future? Audio and interactive devices accompany our reflection on this vast question

Behind the scenes access to the people and processes that shape the world’s most popular sport, from the designers of the latest high-performance football boots to the biomedical engineers transforming the physical limits of the player’s body.It is estimated that more than half the world population – some 3.5 billion people- watched part of the FIFA World Cup in 2018. Football is unquestionably the world’s most popular sport, with a dedicated fan base and truly international reach. It is also a significant industry, with European football alone being estimated to hold a value of £22 billion in 2016. How did football evolve to be such a significant part of our cultural landscape, and what role has design played in shaping the sport? ‘Football- Designing the Beautiful Game’ is a large-scale exhibition exploring the design story behind football, unpicking how design has been used to push the game to its technical and emotional limits. From the master-planning of the world’s most significant football stadiums to the innovative materials used in today’s boots, the graphic design of team badges and the grassroots initiatives pushing back against the sport’s commercialisation, the exhibition will provide a rare insight into the people and processes that have made football what it is today.

Be amazed by the strongest, longest, highest, and fastest! Learn the science behind these feats and use this knowledge to develop your skills. Be amazing as you explore, focus, react and endure! Be OFFICIALLY AMAZING™ and break a world record! The Science of Guinness World Records™ will engage visitors in real science experiences and record-breaking challenges. Visitors will learn that anyone, anywhere can be a record-breaker while using science to develop their record-breaking skills and abilities. Visitors will gain an understanding of their body and how it reacts, focuses, and endures. There will be opportunities for visitors to challenge themselves and others to officially break a world record with a formal adjudication of a record attempt. The Science of Guinness World Records™ is developed in partnership with the Ripley Entertainment.

Please access the virtual walkthrough of this exhibition here:

HOCKEY: Faster Than Ever explores the science behind one of the fastest games on Earth. Technology, anatomy, physics, and other topics highlight the advances of the sport over time and show that science can be found everywhere in ice hockey.Historical artifacts, including game-used gear by some of the greatest players of all time are presented in innovative displays.In the center of the exhibition, a captivating locker room tunnel leads visitors to a ‘Hockey Science Lab’, where they can experiment with hands-on interactives on a replica rink. Immersive interactive experiences demonstrate fun and engaging scientific concepts. Examples of ice hockey’s influence on society and a whimsical homage to fans, where visitors can compete with each other using table hockey games, also underscore the enormous impact that ice hockey has had across the globe.

The visitor is immersed in the sporting experience here! You can challenge yourself, measure yourself, compare yourself, evaluate your physical, technical or tactical performances as well as your concentration, balance or coordination in sports workshops that cover different disciplines such as football, biathlon or tennis. You can obtain data on sports performance and its links to science, its impact on health… in a multi-sensory environment. The exhibition presents all the scientific information to understand what is happening, in your body and in your head, whether you are a top-level athlete or an amateur athlete. It addresses sports activity as a scientific, political, social and media phenomenon, in its positive aspects as well as in its excesses. So, ready to turn your visitors into champions?
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