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Viewed by more than 25 million people worldwide, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is one of the highest attended in history. More than 350 artifacts recovered from the wreck site of Titanic are on display along with full-scale room re-creations, interactive environments, compelling stories, and exclusive video of how the Titanic resides today. E/M Group operates permanent exhibitions in Las Vegas and Orlando, and a virtual exhibition at

We invite you to step inside an educational and entertaining experience for all ages.


In a world of exhibition design, one thing is clear – one size does not fit all. Each client, venue, and audience are unique, and so are each of our exhibitions. E/M Group takes a customized approach by an experienced team who take into consideration important details such as exhibition flow, throughput, ceiling heights, and additional venue features. Our designs have earned praise from our clients and have consistently generated results that exceed expectations. From the initial design concepts to the pre-production planning and our meticulous installation, our people are driven to meet each of your goals. 

REAL Artifacts and Stories in DRAMATIC Room Re-creations

Hailed as “an unprecedented and awe-inspiring experience”, by The New York Times, TITANIC: THE ARTIFACT EXHIBITION will exceed your venue’s expectations. As the only exhibition with exclusive rights to recover artifacts from the wreck site, Titanic features these personal effects, alongside full-scale room re-creations, interactive environments, compelling stories, and exclusive video of how Titanic resides today. The Exhibition tackles scientific achievements, human interest stories, and lends itself to multi-generational attendance. Full merchandising, marketing, and production support throughout the run, help achieve your venue’s objectives and goals. 

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E/M Group’s education team provides the guidance and resources needed to build an incredible program that will leave students wanting to learn more. Each of our exhibitions is supported by educational materials, documents, and collaborations to help you succeed. In addition, we work alongside your team to maximize every opportunity available. Training on exhibition content, docent support videos, live virtual in-classroom presentations with experts, and a virtual exhibition are also available. Through our education strategy, we provide relevant content and learning tools that engage students in today’s world.

Experiential Media Group (E/M Group) creates world-class permanent and touring exhibitions. We captivate, educate, and inspire large global audiences. Through full-scale re-creations, immersive environments, engaging content, and authentic artifacts directly recovered from the wreck site of the RMS Titanic, our exhibitions provide visitors with unforgettable experiences to share with family and friends. This is what E/M Group does… we ask you to live the story so that the story lives with you.

More than any other company, we understand the visitor. By operating our own exhibitions in major markets for over 10 years, we recognize how consumers immerse themselves in the story, how to market accordingly, and have it all translate into success. Our teams in design, marketing, merchandising, and production collaborate to ensure every aspect is thoughtful and communicative.

We believe in providing more than a traditional exhibition. For our guests, each exhibition experience invites visitors to participate, enjoy, cherish, and to remember. For our partners, we bring our content in a fully supportive package, listen to the needs of the venue, and execute against joint objectives. 

Titanic The Exhibition is an interactive exhibition sponsored by National Geographic, showcasing over 300 artifacts from Titanic and her sister ships and from famous films to tell the chronological, dramatic tale of the design, creation, launch, maiden voyage and tragedy of the largest and most luxurious ship in the world at the time. The artifacts are set inside beautiful fully immersive recreations of the ships interior and tell the latest details of her sinking and discovery. The artifacts are a combination of those that survived the sinking of the Titanic, her sister ships as well as items from the James Cameron blockbuster film Titanic. Titanic The Exhibition is an interactive experience, where visitors receive a boarding pass corresponding with a passenger on the ship. This allows the visitors to relate to the individual story of their passenger as they explore the first, second and third class galleries and the artifacts from each. They will hear the music of the era as they examine exact recreations of the ship’s interiors, stroll the promenade deck, and marvel at the famous Grand Staircase, the social gathering place of the ship. The stories of love and loss culminate in the final galleries showcasing personal effects and the individual anecdotes surrounding a tribute wall where each passenger’s fate is revealed. The Discovery Gallery, dedicated to the discovery and research of Titanic’s wreck site, features a raised glass floor; giving an impression of walking along the bottom of the ocean. Broken china and artifacts in the sand below allow visitors to experience what discovery teams saw during dives to Titanic’s wreck site. A striking and informative film, narrated by James Cameron, provides an in-depth look at the most recent forensic research related to the collision, breakup, and sinking of the Titanic. Also featured in the Discovery Gallery, National Geographic’s Emory Kristof’s award winning underwater photography of the Titanic lines the walls in a stunning display of the ship’s current state on the sea floor.

Voyage to the Deep is an interactive exhibition developed by the Australian National Maritime Museum and toured internationally by Flying Fish. Based on French author Jules Verne’s 1870 classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the exhibition brings to life the deepsea adventures of Captain Nemo, his fantastical Nautilus submarine and the mythical world he inhabited.At the center of this fantasy world is the giant Nautilus where kids can climb aboard and discover the innerworkings of a deep-sea submersible. They can take up the controls at the helm, peer through the periscopes, crank the propeller, test out the bunks and explore Captain Nemo’s Cabinet of Curiosities full of wonderful marine specimens. There’s even a bubbly pipe organ to play and a galley full of strange foods to discover!

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