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How are tin toys made? Which toys were popular in each decade of the twentieth century? Toytopia offers an immersive, interactive experience for visitors to engage with the history of their favorite toys. Visitors can explore the origins of toys, how they are made, and why some have become so iconic. Toytopia has something for visitors of all ages—from the nostalgic fun of working arcade games from the 1970s and 80s, to a larger-than-life dollhouse for smaller visitors to romp around in. Toytopia is an interactive experience that is sure to inspire the joy of play in everyone.


• World’s Largest Etch-A-Sketch™

• Life-size dollhouse

• Monopoly™ car photo op

• Zoltar™ fortune teller

• Retro video game arcade

• Bachmann™ train layout with cutaways that showcase its production

• LEGO® train layout

• World’s smallest G-scale figure 8 train layout

• Educator guide

• Marketing & PR kits

• Retail/merchandise program


5,000 – 8,000 square feet (500 – 800 square meters),

minimum ceiling height of 12 feet


Shipping domestic: 3 trucks

Installation: approx. 5 working days

Deinstallation: approx. 5 working days


The Animation Academy explores the unique world of animation, from traditional hand-drawn cels to exciting breakthroughs in stop-motion and CGI.

Visitors will create their own stop-motion animated shorts, learn about the art of storyboarding, go behind the scenes with artists and animators, and enjoy America’s largest 3D zoetrope. Each display and interactive activity features the participation of industry leaders, from original hand-drawn cels to real stop-motion maquettes.


• World’s largest 3D zoetrope

• 2D and 3D stop motion station interactives

• Animation university experience

• Tracing station

• Scooby Doo™ photo op

• Shrek KEVA castle interactive

• Spongebob™ photo op

• “That’s All Folks!™” photo op

• Simpsons photo op

• Magnetic storyboard interactive

• RFID animation process interactive

• Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride car photo op

• Educator guide

• Marketing & PR kits

• Retail/merchandise program


5,000 – 8,000 square feet (500 – 800 square meters),

minimum ceiling height of 12 feet (3.6 meters)


Shipping domestic: 4 trucks

Installation: approx. 5 working days

Deinstallation: approx. 5 working days


Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous tells the dramatic story behind the largest predatory dinosaur ever discovered. From unearthing the first recorded specimen in Egypt a century ago, to its destruction during World War II, and then to the remarkable tale behind the giant’s rediscovery in Morocco, this exhibition takes the scenography of these dig sites, infuses them with real fossils, interactive displays, and film footage from the dig sites to unravel the story and science behind Jurassic Park’s sail-backed wonder.


Exhibition Highlights

• Swimming Spinosaurus skeleton measuring 50 feet

• Scene settings from Germany, Morocco, and Egypt

• Original fossils of this rare species

• The meat-eating menagerie of unusual predatory dinosaurs

• 3D wizardry creating a digitally-sculpted skull

• Footage of discovery & animation

Exhibition Size:

• 5,000sq ft

• 15ft minimum ceiling height

Worst Case Scenario: Survival Experience

Danger! It lurks all around you. Volcanoes! Sharks! Quicksand!! War Zones!!! Zombies!!! What do you do? The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Experience is here for you.

Your guests have tinkered, they have made, now it is time to put those valuable skills into practice. It is time to learn how to survive. Worst-Case Scenario is a hands-on-minds-on step-by-step series of courses providing the essential instructions for everything you need to know when encountering these real life scenarios. From defusing a bomb to delivering a baby in the back of a cab, landing a plane to escaping from zombies, The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Experience will help you get through and have you laughing along the way.


Worst-Case Scenario Survival Experience provides practical situational exercises that utilize many of the skills that are acquired through tinkering and making, encouraging exploration and discovery. This exhibition is aspirational, educational, and hilarious.

Exhibition Specifications

• 6,000 – 8,000 Square Feet

• 300+ guests an hour

• Modular

• Interactive

• Escape Scenarios

• 2 Staff Minimum

Brand Strength

• New York Times Best Sellers

• More than 10 million books sold

• 25 languages

• 40+ titles published

• TV series

– 2002 on TBS

– 2010 on Discovery

• Board Games and Video Games


EDG and our Italian partner, NSPRD, announce the latest state-of-the-art offering: Evolution, an advanced dinosaur exhibition like no other. Science meets creative engagement in this game-changing exhibition you’ve been waiting for!

The Latest Dinosaur Exhibition Like No Other!

Evolution transports visitors 66 million years into Earth’s prehistoric past to witness a new vision of the number-one all-time most popular exhibition subject: dinosaurs! Heightened by the sensory and artistic mastery of award-winning Filmmaster Productions, this hyper-realistic vision of Earth’s evolution pushes the boundaries of art and science. Woven through the 60 to 75-minute journey are the most advanced animatronic dinosaurs and other creatures in an immersive experience featuring acoustic atmospheres and optical effects.

Four state-of the art environments include: a time tunnel entry, a richly biodiverse seabed of predators and prey, a hyper-realistic jungle where fast-reacting tyrannosaurs battle for territory and human-powered velociraptors thrill unsuspecting guests, and finally, a spectacular projection dome that immerses visitors in a transition from the Mesozoic skies to today.


The streets of London – dark, shadowy, mysterious – set the stage for Sherlock Holmes: The Exhibition.

The science driven experiential and environmental exhibition invites you to follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes, the literary creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Join the master detective on his pursuit to crack the most intricate mysteries and dreadful crimes using the powers of deduction and the most cutting-edge 19th century techniques of forensic science. Surpass the infallible Holmes by joining today’s forensic scientists with 120 years of scientific progress and discovery at your fingertips.The Exhibition is an Enlightening Adventure Into Forensic Science.

With original artifacts and expert commentary, the experience presents an in-depth look at the literary character through the eyes of pop culture and at its creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A physician by trade and a curious investigator himself, Doyle championed a scientific approach to criminal investigation at a time when such forensic techniques were only slowly being incorporated into everyday police work. With astute observation, careful analysis and wit, he fashioned the sinister crimes that gripped Victorian London into riveting tales of mystery, their complexity only surmounted by the masterful solutions developed by Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. John H. Watson.

Just as Doyle, the unconventional, forward-looking Holmes championed what was a nascent science at his time. As is the case with modern forensics, Holmes’ investigative approach was highly interdisciplinary, and so is the science represented in this exhibition. Real scientists and specialists introduce a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines engaging us as we train to become a master sleuth.



• Over 200 original artifacts

• Over two dozen hands-on interactives

• Authentic 19th century environments

• Educational materials meeting STEM initiatives

• Website with supporting content:

• Marketing & PR kits

• Retail/merchandise program


8,000 – 10,000 square feet (800 – 1,000 square meters),

minimum ceiling height of 12 feet (4 meters)


Shipping domestic: 8-10 trucks

Shipping international: 12 containers & airfreight for artifacts

Installation: approx. 15 working days

Deinstallation: approx. 12 working days

Put on your spacesuit and get ready for your next challenge; Mission: Astronaut ventures into space and encourages visitors to learn about life as an astronaut with hands-on STEM challenges.

Each section challenges the visitor to use an astronaut’s mindset to solve puzzles focusing on engineering, physics, mathematics, teamwork, and most importantly, fun! Solving each challenge lets the visitor collect badges to recognize their accomplishments.

The exhibition, mostly set in space, revolves around an explorable space station. After you’ve gone through training at Mission Control, climb into the capsule and blast off into space. Use your engineering skills to open up an airlock, and start exploring! Climb inside and discover the different modules and nodes housing experiments, crew quarters, life support systems, and more. Outside, you’ll learn about what keeps a space station ticking for astronauts to stay safe.

Mission: Astronaut is developed, designed, produced, and toured by Flying Fish.

We are thrilled to announce the next positively charged collaboration with New Mexico-based Electric Playhouse. This latest partnership teams up EDG’s long-term reputation in the exhibition traveling space, creative entrepreneurial spirit and international cultural prowess with the artistry of Electric Playhouse’s digital and immersive designers, developers and creative technologists.

The digital hands-free experience is a mix of games, artistic interactives, and experiences that are ready for exploration. Using projection mapping and sensors, movements are tracked for the interactions without the need for headsets or other wearable devices.

Flexible design layouts

5,000 sq ft – 10,000 sq ft

The Exhibition consistS of:

• Two large experience zones, called Arenas 

• Four smaller experience zones, called Pods. 

  One of which features a selfie station

• One large accent piece, called Feature Wall

• One LED Lighting entrance Tunnel

These components are modularly designed and can be arranged to optimize the available gallery space 

and visitor experience. We will work with you

Cats & Dogs offers a sensory and interactive journey largely devoted to games and simulations: there is nothing better than putting yourself in an animal’s place to understand them better and decode their behavior.

The exhibition is arranged to take visitors on a fun, sensory and interactive journey. Using colors, materials and selected furnishings, three different scenes are created, consisting of distinct environments that let visitors experience each universe.

In their skin

This is an active space where visitors compare their own physical skills to those of the animals, such as speed, agility, capacity to jump. They discover the different range of canine and feline body shape types and observe their characteristics.

In their heads. 

Plunged into a space decorated to put us on a level with the animals, visitors are invited to look, listen and feel like a dog or cat, with unusual immersive experiments. Understand how they communicate, interpret their emotions and decrypt their behavior.

In our society. 

Dogs and cats fill our homes, our streets and even our culture. This final section shows visitors the nature of our relationship with these animals over time, and the important role they play today in our society.

Take a journey through the human body to get an up-close look inside our skeletal, muscular, respiratory, nervous, digestive, reproductive/urinary, and fetal body. BODIES…The Exhibition provides an intimate and informative view into the human body. Using an innovative preservation process, this exhibition allows you to see and celebrate your body’s inner beauty in ways that you never dreamed possible.

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