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Medartec is an Italian production and distribution company that organizes immersive multimedia experiences specializing in art and culture. We create emotional and innovative events involving people of all ages, using the latest digital technologies. We distribute productions made by a team of technology experts and art historians with knowledge and artistic sensitivity. The company holds the distribution and image rights of the events, including those for the promo- tion, production and sale of the merchandising created for the specific event.

Immersive multimedia events not only expand the offer of what traditional museums make available, but also bring a new sensory experience of art that completely involves the viewer.

The events are curated and presented with high definition images, emotionally combined with sounds and music. This cutting edge technology guarantees visitors a unique and unforgettable sensory connection with art.

During the artistic events, viewers have the opportunity to be entertained by exploring the complete work of an artist in a single experience.

The Medartec creative team is made up of architects, designers, video / film directors and software developers who together integrate the technical aspects of exhibition design, theatricality, communication and storytelling to create a multimedia sensory experience.



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Medartec Distribution srls

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