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Living Lantern

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Living Lantern

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Art, Contemporary Art
Area Size
less than 200 sqm
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Entertainment Venues
Outdoor Spaces
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For a 3-month rental excl. transport, installation, insurance:

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NEON is an UK based artistic practice which explores the territory between art, architecture and design. They believe art has the ability to enrich people’s lives. Their goal is to design projects that are beautiful and intriguing and facilitate engaging sensory and emotional experiences.

In the 8 years they have been active, they have gained significant experience developing designed responses to unique sites. Rather than having a “house style” they look to extract what we feel is unique about each brief and use that as the basis of their response.

The NEON team is composed of Mark Nixon and Viliina Koivisto. Mark is ARB chartered architect and Viliina is a Finnish visual artist with an education in fine art and arts management. As a team, they have designed and delivered various permanent and temporary art projects in interior and exterior spaces. They often work with communities and engage them in different stages of their artistic process including research, design and fabrication. They value this way of working as it allows them s to achieve a deeper understanding of a place and its users.

Frankie Boyle
Frankie Boyle is a UK-based visual artist specializing in the language of light as a form of expression.

Frankie was diagnosed with a speech and language disorder at a young age, which naturally led her to communicate in other ways. In her experience, one sense diminishing causes others to grow stronger. She believes that vision is our strongest sense, and without light, humans would not have vision. Light is her language.

Her understanding of how light can support concept and storytelling has developed over a decade of work within the arts, entertainment, and event industries. Additionally, she has spent years studying how light is intrinsic to our cognitive processes, mental health, and subconscious movements throughout our daily lives. Frankie's fascination with light and how we connect with it has become her main drive and passion in life. Harnessing the essence of that response is the focus of her work.

Frankie's work explores how evolving technical discoveries with biological light mixed with multi-sensory elements can strengthen and deepen our relationship with experiences. Light, colour and form blend to create sensory experiences that connect with our emotions. She takes the story that you want to tell and harmonizes it with the audience's emotions.


Credits / Image Information

Alexander Ayer for Garment District



Living Lantern illustrates the responsiveness of humankind and how we are capable of adapting to change and working together when we face new situations. Designed as an artwork that is inviting, it offers a sense of hope and joy, and activates public spaces that have recently been quiet and felt unsafe.

The artwork is called “Living Lantern”.

Lanterns are a universal symbol of brightness, transcendence and guiding light. In various cultures they are viewed as symbols of love, wisdom and illumination.

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Digital art

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Technical Requirements
Adapted for outdoor displays
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Technical information


The minimum space required for the installation team is approximately 10m x 10m. Note that this installation requires a ballast of 2.5 tons to be positioned prior to install on a surface no greater than 1.5m X 1.5m at its center.The overall diameter of the installation is approximately 6m with a height of 4m. The Artwork must be levelled but with appropriate adjustment, the structure can be built on a 1° slope maximum.

Electrical & internet:
Total power needed is 3000W / 120V-240V / 2 circuits (30A).

Site requirements:
The Artwork requires a minimum working surface of 4m x 1.2m + fencing area of 10m x 10m during installation & dismantle.

For security reasons, Artwork should be dismantled in case of winds higher than 55mph in an exposed rural seaside setting, or up to around 70mph in a more sheltered town setting.

Setup time:
4 days install
3 days dismantle


Past and Future Venues
2021 Athens
2023 New York

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Living Lantern

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