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Science and Technology
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200 to 500 sqm
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Museums and Galleries
Science Centres
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The Metamorphoses exhibition calls the young public to explore as much the scientific dimension of metamorphoses than the almost magical aspect of transformations. Whether it is from the larva to the butterfly, from the bulb to the flower, from the corn to the popcorn, from water to ice or from a seed to a plant… to a child, these phenomena are mysterious and fascinating.


Metamorphoses is the first exhibition ever to cover the subject in a child exhibition. 


We live in a world that is constantly transforming. Changes can be slow or brutal. They can impose themselves on us or even come from us. In this context, an exhibition on the topic of metamorphoses allows accompanying the young public to their questioning, their fears, which are born from the transformations they are facing, and shows them that these variations also open new perspectives.

The exhibition is divided into five areas: Mirror, Mirror on the wall; The World of Shadows; A Thousand and One Eyes; The Amazing Forest; and The Funfair. The scenography, deliberately evocating and non-figurative, plunges visitors into unique and immersive universes/worlds. It is accompanied by an embodied discourse: it is the metamorphosis, personified, which addresses the children, which challenges them. The path is free, intuitive, the child passes from one universe to another according to his desires.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall: magic mirrors are numerous in literature, stories, in cinema… They reveal invisible truths, our deepest wishes, allow to see the destiny or to visit the past. In this part of the exhibition, you will learn to discover your body and your feelings but still change over time, being real or dreamed.

The World of Shadows: us, humans, we are complex beings. Our emotions, feelings, thoughts… they change through the day, the week, the years, and periods of our lives. They are temporary, as ungraspable as shadows. Plunge into the darkness and control your own shadow with accessories at your disposition in order to transform your silhouette.

A Thousand and One Eyes: what if, like Alice in Wonderland, we shortened or became giants? The world would seem very different! Even in the real world, things that may seem evident for some can be different for others. Things are not always what they seem… Or is it the way that you see them?

The Amazing Forest: a study ground for scientists, a place of life, a place of transit, a magical or fantasized place, the forest is full of secrets. Here, the young visitor actively observes, compares, associates, questions, listens to stories… In this area, you will be a spectator of life’s metamorphosis through nature and its habitants!


The Funfair: a place of discovery and wonder, the tour ends with the evocation of a fair dedicated to the materials transformation. In the beginning, the funfair is a boiling laboratory where artists and scientists mingle, physicists and magicians, chemists and jugglers. In this final part of the exhibition, you will take part in the transformation of other materials. 

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2023, 20 months, Paris - France

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