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The first major UK exhibition to map the design evolution of the skateboard from the 1950s to today – a story of design, performance and communities progressing together

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Popular Culture
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200 to 500 sqm
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Museums and Galleries
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Credits / Image Information

Makaha Kicktail. Photograph by Caleb J. Adams.
Steve Rocco pro model Sims, 1980. Photograph by Caleb J. Adams
Mike Vallely pro model, 1989. Photograph by Caleb J. Adams
Zephyr Skateboard, 1973/75. Photograph by Caleb J. Adams
Mike Vallely, 1989, photograph by Spike Jonze.
Laura Thornhill, backside kick turn Torrance, 1977. Photograph by Jim Goodrich
Caballero Dragon, Powell Peralta, 1981. Photograph by Caleb J. Adams
Mark Gonzales, Gemco Bank, frontside boneless, 1985. Photograph by Grant Brittain
Guy Mariano, Frontside Flip, LA, 1998. Photograph by Mike Blabac


SKATEBOARD chronicles the history of skateboard design from the 1950s to the present day, from homemade, humble beginnings to today’s professional and technologically advanced models.

Curated and designed by author, designer and skater Jonathan Olivares, this is the first UK exhibition to explore the evolution of skateboard design in such detail, developed in partnership with Converse.

The exhibition showcases innovative skateboards and components and track how skateboarders have taken over sidewalks, swimming pools and skate parks designing new boards to suit their performance, style and surroundings.

Around 90 rare and unique boards are on display, alongside over 100 other objects, including hardware such as wheels and tucks, safety equipment, VHS tapes, DVDs, magazines and ephemera. Together they show skateboard’s technical developments and its evolving social acceptance.

Explore a range of contemporary boards alongside 1950s homemade skateboards from California – Laura Thornhill’s Logan Earth Ski 1970s pro model, Tony Hawk’s first ever professional model skateboard, Sky Brown’s first pro model and the Sky Brown x Skateistan Almost deck.

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Past and Future Venues
the Design Museum London, 20 October 2023 - 2 June 2024
Available for tour from Summer 2024

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