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The Mona Lisa. Immersive exhibition

The Mona Lisa. Immersive exhibition Claimed

Why is the Mona Lisa the most famous painting in the world ?

Exhibition Overview

The Mona Lisa. Immersive exhibition

Exhibition Type
Art, History, Popular Culture
Area Size
500 to 1000 sqm
Designed For
Museums and Galleries
Entertainment Venues
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Core Experience
Immersive digital experience
Exhibition Partners
A co-production by the Grand Palais Immersif and the Musée du Louvre
Scientific advisor: Vincent Delieuvin Chief Curator of 16th century Italian painting at the Musée du Louvre
Exhibition design: Sylvain Roca
Digital design: Lundi8 – Artisans d’idées
Director: Nicolas Autheman
Graphic design: Sabir Studio
Digital production: Mardi8 – Artisans d’idées


The exhibition is an invitation to rediscover Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece through stories and sensory experiences that take place on different levels:

– the circuit is punctuated with encounters with the “landscape-skin” that envelops the entire exhibition space. It immerses visitors in a place inspired by the works of Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519), such as the Mona Lisa, Virgin of the Rocks and The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and offers interactive experiences for the public. The landscapes from these works come together and interact to create a panoramic world that brings the space to life. Here digital media, which is often thought of as a “cold” format, takes on an appealing sensitive and emotive dimension, with unusual graphic textures.

– different visual tales recount the stories, mysteries, contemporary context and process behind this painting that has become an icon. Visitors meander through visual narratives that are simultaneously instructive, sensory and contemplative.

The format of The Mona Lisa: an immersive exhibition invites a wide audience to experience an exhibition, and each individual’s relationship with this emblematic work, in a brand new way. This is no minor ambition, as it involves combining aesthetic, narrative and technological innovations while remaining mindful of accessibility and audience engagement.

This creation offers a unique vision of Leonardo da Vinci’s work, both precise and well-researched, as well as a powerful and original artistic perspective.

Visitors can expand and share their knowledge of the topics covered in the exhibition through the experiences and interaction offered by the fun, appealing and intuitive modules, where technological innovation lends itself to education and exploration.

VR and App Content


Paintings Drawings & Prints
Film & Sound
Digital art

General Information

Created In
Technical Requirements
High ceiling height
Additional Information
Content duration : 55 min
Estimated duration of the visit : 1 hour


Past and Future Venues
The Palais de la Bourse welcomes in its Grand Hall The Mona Lisa, an immersive exhibition, a fully digital multi-sensory experience of 600m².

Palais de la Bourse
9, La Canebière
13001 Marseille

10 March – 21 August 2022

Extra Info

Curatorial excellence
Star object
Treasure collection
Immersive experience
Highlights Details
No painting is more famous than the Italian Renaissance female portrait, La Joconde for the French or Monna Lisa for the Italians and the Anglo-Saxons.

The immersive digital experience designed by the Louvre Museum and the Grand Palais Immersif will allow visitors to discover the work in a new light, to travel through its history and closer to its pictorial
surface, provoking wonder and stimulating intellectual curiosity.

Built around a narrative thread playing on the investigative and the spectacular, several sequences will invite visitors to travel through time, starting from the icon that it is today, back to the earliest stages of its creation.
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The Mona Lisa. Immersive exhibition

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