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Curating Tomorrow

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Sustainability consulting for museums, and touring exhibitions linked to environmental themes


Low-cost exhibitions on environmental and sustainability themes

Curating Tomorrow develops affordable exhibitions on environmental and sustainability topics. The first of these, ‘Nature and Climate Change’, is based around specially commissioned illustrations of animals and plants affected by climate change in different ways, accompanied by educational information on the great diversity of ways that climate change impacts upon nature. This approach to touring exhibitions shows that touring can be low carbon, and tailored to local circumstances. The exhibition has been specially developed to be suitable for museums, aquaria, schools, zoos and other educational settings, drawing on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education.

A consultancy to help museums support sustainable development

Curating Tomorrow is a consultancy for museums and the heritage sector, helping them draw on their unique resources to enhance their contributions to society and the natural environment, the Sustainable Development Goals, climate action and nature conservation. Curating Tomorrow can help you develop your exhibition content, and connect with the big picture. Curating Tomorrow works to connect people with policy agendas – including the Paris Climate Agreement, Convention on Biological Diversity and SDGs – in inspiring and enjoyable ways, promoting people’s active participation in imagining and creating the future we want.

Exhibitions References

Other Exhibition References
Heritage Futures, Manchester Museum, University of Manchester, 2018-20 (lead curator) Climate Control, Manchester Museum, University of Manchester, 2015-16 (lead curator) From the War of Nature, Manchester Museum, University of Manchester, 2014 (lead curator) Alan Turing and Life's Enigma, Manchester Museum, University of Manchester, 2012 (lead curator) Living Worlds, Manchester Museum, University of Manchester, 2011 (lead curator)

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Curating Tomorrow

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