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Nature and Climate Change

Nature and Climate Change Claimed

An exhibition for all ages and interests, based around specially commissioned illustrations, suitable for museums, zoos, aquaria, schools, colleges and other educational and community settings.

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Nature and Climate Change

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Art, Nature, Science and Technology
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less than 200 sqm
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Museums and Galleries
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The exhibition has been developed by Henry McGhie, who runs the UK-based museum consultancy Curating Tomorrow. Henry has a background as an ecologist and ornithologist. He worked as a zoology curator, senior curator and senior manager in museums for nearly two decades, and has worked with natural history collections for over 35 years. His work is about accelerating partnerships, research, collections-based projects and public engagement in support of a better future, locally and globally. He has an international profile, reputation and network for work on museums, climate change and sustainability (notably with climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals), and has developed award-winning exhibitions on a range of environmental themes that have been showcased at the United Nations as examples of best practice. He is a member of the International Council of Museums Sustainability Working Group, of the International Union of Nature Conservation Commission on Education and Communication, and of the Education and Communication Stakeholders (a network of networks that supports UN Climate Change). He is the editor of two books (four volumes) on climate change communication, and has written widely on museums, climate change, nature conservation and environmental sustainability.


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Images are copyright Curating Tomorrow 2019 and may not be reproduced or shared.


This exhibition has been developed to help promote high-quality educational experiences linked to nature and climate change. The exhibition is suitable for a wide range of formal, informal and non-formal education settings for all ages.

The exhibition consists of specially commissioned illustrations, created by design studio Hartland Design, showing how nature, primarily animals, is affected by climate change. The exhibition’s focus is on helping people understand (1) the impacts of climate change at population, species and community levels, (2) how

climate change can be managed through supporting nature (nature-based solutions/ecosystem services), and (3) how nature will need to be conserved while addressing climate change at the same time.

The exhibition draws on recent scientific research on the many ways in which climate change is already affecting biodiversity around the world. The exhibition also draws on applied social sciences research on promoting effective climate change communication and engagement. The exhibition includes 19 illustrations, and will grow to include more, with 50-80 word captions, and an introductory panel. The exhibition can be hired in its entirety, or smaller numbers of illustrations can be hired at a reduced cost.

The exhibition is offered at a comparatively low cost to promote uptake and support climate empowerment everywhere.

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This exhibition aims for excellence in terms of its content and interpretive method, by drawing on recent research on the impacts of climate change on nature, and communication methods that promote effective climate change engagement, and by connecting people with high-level agendas including the Paris Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals and Convention on Biological Diversity in ways that are interesting and based on cultural experiences. It also aims for excellence by avoiding one of the main challenges of touring exhibitions, namely greenhouse gas emissions associated with transporting exhibitions. You produce the exhibition locally, giving you an opportunity to 'walk the walk', and explain to audiences how you are working to reduce your climate impacts through exhibitions.
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Nature and Climate Change

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