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Mobiles Musik Museum

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Mobilizes Music Making - with 100 interactive soundsculpures for indoor and outdoor


The MobileMusikMuseum has a collection of 99 interactive indoor sound exhibits and 4 huge mobile outdoor SoundPlayGrounds plus shows and DIY-Instrument building activities.

With all our modules we can create a customized or fully designed touring experience, combining exhibitions or events with interactive hands-on experiences, live performances and workshops.

Besides that we can combine any theme of exhibition with interactive sound experiences and installations. Make Music!!!

From found objects that produce sound to body music and music-playing game rules, from various noisemakers and musical instruments to sound sculptures, the museum has been collecting, preserving and developing musical objects from all over the world and encouraging music making for 20 years.

The museum’s collections have been exhibited across Germany and internationally in cooperation with museums, exhibition houses, cultural educational institutions, schools, children’s theaters and public events. 

Children, families and educators are fascinated and emboldened to make music through stage programs, Hands-On Exhibitions, daylong projects and open-air events.

Exhibitions References

Other Exhibition References
Technorama Winterthur; Bloomfield Science Center Jerusalem, Kopernikus Science Center Warshaw; Palis de la Decourvert Paris, phaeno Wolfsb urg, experimenta Heilbronn, Abu Dhabi Science Festival, musikmesse Frankfurt, Universum Bremen, ZOOM Childrensmuseum Vienna, Tecmania Pilzen, Garage Center of Temporary Art Moscow, Landemuseum Bonn Germany, DASA Dortmund, Technopolis Mecheln ...



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Mobiles Musik Museum

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