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Make Music!!

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play with tones, feel the sound, find your flow

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Make Music!!

Exhibition Type
Contemporary Art, Popular Culture, Science and Technology
Area Size
200 to 500 sqm
Designed For
Museums and Galleries
Science Centres
Entertainment Venues
Outdoor Spaces
Hiring Fee

For a 3-month rental excl. transport, installation, insurance:

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Core Experience
Hands-on activities
Exhibition Partners
The exhibits have been developed since 1993 with all hosting museums. Each of them provided themes, help and budget to realize ideas. A important partner was the musikmesse Frankfurt, where from 2001 imtil 2016 the MMM was organizing a 2000 sqm area for school and kindergarden groups. Up to 500 kids visited the exhibition four times adding to 2000 visitors a day. It was a great chance to prototype and test exhibits. A big thank you to all partners. Without them it would not have been possible to do the work.


Credits / Image Information

all photos copyright requested, no public use, ask MMM for copyrights



A Surprising Sound Playground The interactive musical exhibition “Make Music!!” consists of various hands-on sound sculptures that inspire visitors of all ages to play and experiment with tones and sounds. You can choose from a long list of exhibits to tailor a visitor experience which matches your institution and vsitors: Along with their aesthetic and playful qualities, the large, robust hands-on exhibits allow for creative cross-referencing between and among the topics of instrument buildings, acoustical physics, music, language, movement and group play. Some possible themes are:

Make Music!!

Play and experience all the systematics of instruments and vibrating materials


Step on the giant WalkingBass, pluck the BodyWeightMonochord or see a standing wave…


Slam an Organ, push the Monsterflute, hoover the Helipiper


wiggle on the PressureDrum, strike the DrumTable


bang the Tetrachord, make musical paterns at the Earthxylophone, feel the node at the Wobble Pole and GiantBell


14 round tables for silent sounding communcation and team play with electronics hideen in the tables

Sounding Numbers:

Music and Mathematics, Numbers, Beats and Tones


SoundColorShape: Eyes and Ears, Music and Art After more then 50 exhibitions all over Europe at mayor science centers and museums the MobileMusicMuseum offers its experience to find a customized selection of exhibits for your institution. For this exhibition, all available MMM loan exhibitions can be mixed and matched according to the desired topic, space requirements, budget and number of visitors. Visitors:Children 3 years and up, families, adults Space: 100 to 1500 sqm Duration: one-day events or multiple months Setup time: 1-3 days The MobileMusicMuseum can provide a fully tailored exerience for all generations combining live perfromance and hands on experiences plus DIY-instrument building workshops.

VR and App Content


Digital art

General Information

Available Package Options
Technical Requirements
Adapted for outdoor displays
More Details About Technical Requirements
The MMM collection of 99 interactive sound sculptures can be rented in flexible sets to form exhibitions about instruments, physics of sounds, music and math, or as a huge sound playground. Visitors: 20-400 from 3-99 years of age or older / family audience Visit duration: 45 – 120 minutes Setup time: 3 hours to 3 days Space requirements: 100 to 1500 sqm, specifics to be discussed Venues: exhibition spaces, trade fair grounds, schools, museums, science centers Technology: all electronics, headphones etc. are provided by MMM. No scenography needed, light provided by host. Transportation: flexible All exhibition materials are extremely robust, interactive and correspond to the hands-on philosophy of children's museums and science centers. Some of them function only when operated by multiple players, just like regular music-making is only possible in groups that work together.


Past and Future Venues
2020 Landesmuseum Bonn, 12 month, Germany 2020 Muzeiko Sofia, 4 months, Bulgaria 2020 Museon Den Haag, Netherlands 2020 experimenta Heilbronn, Germany 2018-2020 Technopolis Mecheln, 2 years, Netherlands 2017-2018 DASA Dortmund, 8 months, Germany 2015-2016 Le Vaseau, Strassbourg, one year, France 2016-2017 experimenta Heilbronn, 7 month, Germany 2015 Universum Bremen, 2 months, Germany 2015 Bloomfield Science Centre Jerusalem, 6 months, Israel 2012-2013 Copernikus Science Center, 8 month, Poland 2014 Palais de la Decouverte Paris 4 months, France 2014 Forum des Sciences Nord, Ville Neuve D´Ásq, 1 year, France 2013 Espace des Sciences Rennes, 4 month, France 2013 phaeno, Wolfsburg, 2 months, Germany 2012 experimenta, Heilbronn, 6 month, Germany 2012 Techmania Science Center, Pilsen, 3 month, Check Republic 2011 Landesmuseum Stuttgart, 6 month, Germany 2011-2014 Abu Dhabi Science Festival, 10 days, UAE 2001-2016 musikmesse Frankfurt, 16 years one week, Germany

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Highlights Details
Extremely interactive, kids facilitators adults to play, so much fun for everyone. Social engangement for all ages lots of headphones provide a silent environment, open sound exhibits are well balanced in volume, modules allow a very flexible setup, so much fun for everyone, all together more than a million visitors, local technicians can help with set up-less costs, MMM organizes transport within Europe, so no boxes to be stored ... shows by Michael Bradke for opening, extensive workshops for staff could be added, kits for DIY-instruments provided by MMM. You work with one person for all details, so easy communication, planning and set up process. Good mixture of recycled DIY-like sculptures and high gloss design stainless steel exhibits.
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Education kit

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Make Music!!

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