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State Museum Württemberg / Landesmuseum Württemberg (LMW)

State Museum Württemberg / Landesmuseum Württemberg (LMW) Claimed

and its Children's Mueseum 'Young Castle'


The Young Castle

The Children’s Museum of the Württemberg State Museum


The ‘Young Castle’ is a meeting place for children and families, a place for learning and for having fun. A place that stands up for children’s needs, rights and interests. A place that reflects the living environment of our diverse society.


‘Das Junge Schloss’ – literally, ‘The Young Castle’ – opened its doors in 2010 as the region’s first exhibition venue designed especially for children. It is part of the Württemberg State Museum, one of Germany’s largest museums of cultural history with exhibits from the Stone Age to the present day. The ‘Junge Schloss’ makes history and culture accessible and understandable for children. The children’s museum offers young visitors a cognitive, sensory and motor skills. experience that is adaptable to their individual strengths and needs. Children can acquire historical, cultural and societal knowledge not only through looking at objects and reading the explanations, but also by touching, smelling, moving, and – last but not least – by creating things with their own hands. Young visitors are encouraged to become aware of their own roots and, as a long-term goal, to develop a sense of their own identity.


area covered: 400m²

average duration of exhibitions: 9 months


The Württemberg State Museum

The Württemberg State Museum in Stuttgart’s ‘Altes Schloss’ (Old Castle) documents the fascinating history of our state from the stone age until today. The museum’s collections cover archaeology, art history and cultural history, taking visitors through Württemberg’s past. Besides the crown jewels of the Württemberg kingdom, the museum’s highlights include some of humankind’s oldest art objects, such as a delicate 35,000-year-old lion’s head carved out of mammoth ivory and the extraordinary grave furnishings of the Hochdorf Celtic prince.


Exhibitions References

Other Exhibition References
Räuber Hotzenplotz / The Robber Hotzenplotz (a book by Ottfried Preußler)

Die Ritter / Knights

7 SuperSchwaben / 7 super Swabians

Römische Bausstelle / Roman Construction Site

Märchenhaftes Russland / Mystical Russia

Die Kelten im Jungen Schloss / The Celts in the Young Castle

Geheimnisvolle Wunderkammer / Mystical Cabinet of Curiosities



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State Museum Württemberg / Landesmuseum Württemberg (LMW)

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