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Aha, phobia!

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what is your deepest fear?

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Aha, phobia!

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Nature, Popular Culture, Science and Technology
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500 to 1000 sqm
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Museums and Galleries
Science Centres
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Psyhhobuss OÜ


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AHHAA Science Centre



All people have something they fear. Sometimes the feeling of fear goes to phobia. It does not matter if it is spiders, height or darkness. If you feel it then it is scary. This exhibition shows 45 known phobias and it is created together with psychologists. It is possible to pass the fears you really have and just test what else can be feared about. The exhibition is immersive in the highest way. It is divided into different fear rooms like electricity, voices, earth-quake, fire, spiders, medicine, darkness, heights, stormy sea and abandoned streets. And even the most common fear of missing out is in here. Every visitor has emotions in this exhibition, no-one is left out!

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High ceiling height
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Dark room is required
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Past and Future Venues
It is opened in AHHAA Science Centre, Tartu Estonia.

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Immersive experience
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This immersive exhibition will not leave anyone ignorant. The feeling of surprise and wonder is guaranteed! There are multiple highlights in this exhibition. The room of fire for example has an actual fireplace that sets into real fire whenever someone steps in. This is an excellent spot for selfies and it is totally safe. The main scenery in the exhibition is in the ghost-town where there has been a car-crash. The visitor can listen what are the people in the accident thinking about. This episode will bring tears to every one who understands what is the concept of social fear of missing out something means. Room of electricity will make you jump when you can see how the blue lights of small lightning is sizzling all around you. The room of heights will make you feel like superhero in an elevator-shaft. All of the exhibition is scientifically tested.
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Aha, phobia!

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