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Driverless: Who Is In Control?

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Explore the world of autonomous vehicles and the technology that drives them

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Driverless: Who Is In Control?

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For decades autonomous vehicles have been heralded as a new technology that could change the way we live our lives. How close are we to living in a world driven by thinking machines? From self-driving cars to autonomous flying drones and smart underwater vehicles, this exhibition explores how much of this seemingly futuristic technology already exists and highlights exciting new prototypes currently in development. Driverless: Who is in Control? is offered as an Exhibition Blueprint Pack, containing digital and design assets to allow you to create a unique exhibition customised to your specific location and audience. The exhibition pack does not include any physical objects, which means no special insurance, costly shipping or any particular required environmental controls. SIZE AND FORMAT Completely flexible, depending on your space and needs HIRE PERIOD No minimum hire period FEATURES • Digital assets consisting of 11 videos and content for 3 interactive games, plus additional audio files and imagery • Design assets including text panels and graphics • Opportunity to create a ‘showroom’ displaying locally sourced prototypes or actual examples of autonomous vehicles • Sample object list, contacts and sources

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Driverless: Who Is In Control?

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