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Exhibit reuse: Drones: Is the Sky the Limit

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Drones # 19.2

from United States

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Following a successful global tour, Drones: Is the Sky the Limit is now for sale! This exhibition is a high-flying examination of remotely controlled pilotless aircraft and it explores the modern phenomenon of drones. Rich science content and interactive hands-on displays provide a unique look at drones and their history and current uses:

  • Learn the history behind drones, how they got their name, and who developed the first drone.
  • See modern uses of drones, from entertainment and military applications to animal conservation and humanitarian relief, and others.
  • Consider the future of drones and how they will be used for personal, homeland defense and commercial purposes.

As these aircraft fill the skies, they raise questions about air space, privacy, and ethics in modern warfare, but they also inspire excitement for their potential: someday drones will explore Mars, serve as pilotless flying taxis, and deliver packages to your front door.

The sale of the exhibition includes the turnkey exhibition, as well as the educational and marketing supplements that have been created including photos, video, marketing template design files, and an educator guide.

Contact details:

Please do contact Imagine Exhibitions to request more information at

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