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Call for participants in sustainability research survey

Survey on the Impact of Travelling Science Exhibitions


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This survey is one of three steps in an investigation into the impact and sustainability of travelling science exhibitions, carried out by Nicholas Regester, travelling exhibitions specialist, as part of a master’s degree in Museum Studies. The goal of this survey is to create and test research tools that can be applied across the museum field to assess and improve the sustainability of all travelling exhibitions.

The industry of touring exhibitions is a niche industry. Its impact is likely overlooked by the public, but it can be big for the museum. Visitors mostly come back through the doors to have new and unique experiences, but sustainable museums are concerned with more than attendance.

Today museums consider the community, financial stability, and the environment. The Three Pillars of Sustainability: Social, Economic, and Environment address these concerns. Each touchpoint in the travelling exhibition lifecycle: Design, Fabrication, Packing, Shipping, and On Display, has different impacts on various pillars of sustainability. Creating tools that can assess sustainability at impactful touchpoints can help maximise social and economic success while minimising environmental impact.

This survey will contribute to the research carried out to build useful tools to improve sustainability in the travelling exhibitions industry. Results will be shared on Teo in 2023.

Thank you for your consideration and participation in this survey and thank you to all working for a more sustainable future.

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