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Musicals: A Glorious Feeling

Musicals: A Glorious Feeling Claimed

Exhibition Overview

Musicals: A Glorious Feeling

Exhibition Type
Art, History, Popular Culture
Area Size
500 to 1000 sqm
Designed For
Museums and Galleries
Entertainment Venues
Hiring Fee

For a 3-month rental excl. transport, installation, insurance:
100 000 € - 200 000 €
Additional information: Up to 3 Month rental - right cleared

This hiring fee is set for the following exhibition format:
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Core Experience
Immersive digital experience
Original collection
Exhibition Partners
Curator : N.T. Binh
Design and artistic direction : Pierre Giner
Numeric and digital conception : Trafik
Light : Yves Caizergues


Credits / Image Information



Film musicals are enjoying a huge revival among all generations boosted by extraordinary media enthusiasm. So the Philharmonie de Paris would like to devote a spectacular world-exclusive exhibition to the genre. This exhibition examines the making of musicals in the USA, Europe and explores variations in other cultures, especially Egypt and India. The exhibition adopts the narrative line of hit musicals such as Broadway Melody (1929), Singin’ in the Rain (1953) or Moulin Rouge (2002), up to La La Land (2016), following all the stages in the production of a musical from the development of the idea to its triumphant performance, via casting, the recording of the music, filming, editing, etc. The exhibition contains smaller, distinct spaces, where the making of a film musical, from the development of the idea to its triomphant performance, is detailed in its different phases (writing, casting, music recording, choregraphy, shooting, dubbing etc.).

VR and App Content



General Information

Available Package Options
Collection and interpretation
Content only
More Details About Technical Requirements
Sound and audiovisual supervision and installation on-site by 3 technicians specialized:
-one technician for video: 10 days
-one technician for interactive devices: 6 days (following the interactives modules made for the version)
-one technician for sound: 6 days
Supervision included in the fee but except traveling and accommodation costs.

Audiovisual and sound requirements provided on demand.

Additional Information
Musée de la musique provides the Venue with the following :

- overall content of the exhibition - all rights cleared (excluding marketing purpose)
- texts of the exhibition - available in French and English
- translation and integration of content for AV content
- Supervision for the installation of the exhibition by 3 members of the Philharmonie teams (Venue to cover cost of transport, accomodation and per diems) 
- AV and Sound equipment list
- Toolkit 
- Visuals of the show 


Past and Future Venues
First Presentation in Paris (France): From October 19th, 2018 to January 27th, 2019.

Extra Info

Curatorial excellence
Star object
Immersive experience
Highlights Details
This exhibition offers, among others:

A giant 80 feet screen showing excerpts and montages in HD specifically created for this exhibition. This 45 minutes projection will enable visitors to compare Fred Astaire and Michael Jackson, or Elvis Presley and John Travolta, etc. through 15 sequences.

A motion capture system, allowing visitors to see themselves dancing in a movie with a tap dance class.

400 photographs and documents (storyboards, scenarios, music scores, tap dance scores,
posters...) shown on screens, projected or printed in high quality

150 clips, from 100 famous or rarely seen musicals

A lot of interactive devices allowing visitors to discover Musicals history and its production around the world.
Exhibition Add-Ons
Catalogue / book

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Musicals: A Glorious Feeling

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