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Pablo Picasso’s Silver Plates and Ceramics

Pablo Picasso’s Silver Plates and Ceramics Claimed

Fields of Broken Glass: The inspiration of Modern Masters

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Pablo Picasso’s Silver Plates and Ceramics

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200 to 500 sqm
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The first and second images are two different exhibition sites, which displayed Picasso's collections. And other images are photos of Picasso's collections.


This exhibition contains 51 Picasso’s artworks. There are 23 silver plates, 20 ceramic plates, and 8 ceramic artworks. Firstly, each silverplate stamped with the signature numbered “Picasso 1/20OE” (on the reverse) and stamped with silversmiths mark (on the reverse rim), conceived in 1955-56. Secondly, the ceramic plates include 1 piece and 12 small pieces. Each stamped and marked Madoura Plein Feu/Edition Picasso (underneath), and with the corresponding letter, A-L (underneath each small plate), conceived in 1948.

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The catalog: There are totally 23 pieces of sliver plates (Sleepyhead; Visage and Leaves; Cavalier; Visage and Hands; Contoured Visage; Visage and Animals; Fish; Profile of a Girl; Head of Bull; Visage and Larvas; Visage of Clock Shape; Visage of Geometrical Line; Clock Sticking Tongue out; A Girl in Front of Tripod; Head with Mask; Visage of Rippled Carton; Centaurus; Visage with Spots; Squared Visage; Clock with Smile; Vallauris; Happy Life; Geometrical Visage), 13 pieces of ceramics plates (a set)(Black Visage; Black Visage A; Black Visage B; Black Visage C; Black Visage D; Black Visage E; Black Visage F; Black Visage G; Black Visage H; Black Visage I; Black Visage J; Black Visage K; Black Visage L), 7 pieces of ceramics plates (Black Ground Fish; Landscape; Landscape; Dancers; Female; Visage; A White Owl on Red Glaze),
8 pieces of ceramics artworks (Lunch on the Grass; "Portrait of a Young Lady"; Visage; A Fat Bird; Man with Bushy Beard; Owl; Owl; Hen)

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Treasure collection
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Between 1950 and 1960, a series of gold and silver plates were produced by Picasso and the great-well-known silver-maker, Francois Hugo, which is the great-grandson of the best known French writer Victor Hugo. We have a total of 23 silver plates, which were created by Picasso between 1955 and 1961, and the back of each plate is marked with a signature and a number. The silver plates are divided into three themes, one of which is a Spanish-style bullfight. The second is Henri Matisse, who is a friend and teacher of Picasso. Third, Jacqueline Roque, the second wife of Picasso.

The set of ceramics dessert plates, called BlackVisage, consists of 13 pieces, 1 large plate, and 12 small plates, created in 1948, the bottom of the plate has A to L letters. Ceramics plate production is simple and bright, frank and casual, which is a typical Bi style. The birth of this set of pottery plates originated from a century wedding. Hollywood actress Rita Hayworth, known by Americans as the goddess of love, fell in love with the noble and wealthy Arab Muslim prince Alikhan at first sight in France. The combination of the world superstar and the Arab prince has attracted the attention of the world. The couple held a dreamy wedding in the French town of Valory in May 1949. Residents of the city were invited to their lavish "wedding of the century". Picasso made the black and white pottery plates as gifts to the couple.
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Pablo Picasso’s Silver Plates and Ceramics

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