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Wixárika: An indigenous Worldview of Knowledge

Wixárika: An indigenous Worldview of Knowledge Claimed

Great Masters of Wixárika Art - Negrín Archive

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Wixárika: An indigenous Worldview of Knowledge

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Art, History, Popular Culture
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500 to 1000 sqm
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Museums and Galleries
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For a 3-month rental excl. transport, installation, insurance:
15 000 € - 50 000 €
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Core Experience
Original collection
Exhibition Partners
Wixarika Research Center (Centro de Investigación Wixárika)
Diana Negrín - President and curator
Yvonne Negrín - Executive Director
Museo Cabañas
Secretary of Culture of the State of Jalisco, México


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Museo Cabañas


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In 1970, Juan Negrín, a young philosopher and artist, visited an exhibition of works by Wixaritari artists outside the Basilica of Zapopan. In a few years, Negrín, together with his wife Yvonne, had forged strong bonds of friendship and collaboration with five Wixaritari artists and their families, traveling with them throughout the Wixárika territory. During the 1970s and 1980s, he sponsored the creation of a collection of wool worsted pictures of diverse sizes that would distinguish José Benítez Sánchez, Tiburcio Carrillo Sandoval, Guadalupe González Ríos, Juan Ríos Martínez, and Pablo Taizán de la Cruz as the masters of modern Wixárika art. Since 1989, when this artwork was last exhibited in Mexico, there has been a heightened interest in Wixárika art, cosmovision, and culture. Nowadays, crafts made with beads are an internationally recognized hallmark of the Wixárika people. However, as interest in Wixárika culture and art grows, these native people face unprecedented threats to their ancestral and sacred territories, located in different states of the country. The exhibition highlights how the different artists featured here participated in an intercultural dialogue that calls for different perspectives on the spiritual, linguistic, and territorial complex of the Wixárika people. For these great masters and for Juan Negrín, this collection conveys the conviction that visual art, traditional music, and Wixárika orality can transmit the importance of preserving their territories, their language, and their ancient culture. Diana Negrín – Curator


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Collection and interpretation
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High security
High conservation
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Past and Future Venues
Museo Cabañas
20-Jun-2019 to 27-Oct-2019
Guadalajara, Jalisco

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Curatorial excellence
Treasure collection
Highlights Details
A unique collection in México and in the world
The original script of the exhibition was written in Wixaritari, the original language of the Huichol indigenous community
Mexican indigenous heritage
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Fee covers the following: • Exhibition rights (which are shared with the curator) • Adaptation of the museographic script in the venue • Supervision during installation • Collaboration to organize the exhibition • Graphic identity • Editable files of all the graphic and literary contents: exhibition dossier (poster, printed banner, and web text), press release, hall sheet for visitors, museum labels and room texts (Spanish, Wixárika and English). • Audio and video files. • Editable files of workshops and/or information of workshop facilitators for educational activities: film series, public programs, tours, talks, workshops, didactic material, etc.).
15 000,00 €
50 000,00 €

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Collection and interpretation

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Wixárika: An indigenous Worldview of Knowledge

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