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Transforming realities through cultural & creative experiences


A U R A is a firm specialized in content creation, strategies and digital solutions for the arts, culture and creative industries. We bring together the best of creativity, academic research and storytelling. We design and develop immersive experiences and digital platforms that fulfill the needs and challenges of our cultural partners. Hailing from Mexico City, one of the most vibrant and forward-looking capitals of today, we are used to thinking outside the box and offering the most competitive price-quality relation.

We work with museums, cultural institutions, universities, music festivals and the entertainment industry to provide:

  1. Content & Strategy
  2. Interactive Digital Solutions

Focusing on Content & Strategy, the solutions we propose to traveling exhibition producers and hosts are:

  • Curatorial Projects: Research, concept building and layout of either new or our own exhibitions, in spaces with different dispositions and needs.
  • Exhibition Design: Consultancy and development of concept, visual identity or branding, considering target public, exhibit’s rhythm, storytelling and communication strategy.
  • Public Programs: Audience analysis, program design and staff training, to capture the public’s interest and lead them to the exhibition.
  • Content advisory: Guidance through different digital techniques as a way to improve engagement, framing, management and public control (interactive devices, apps, online experiences, management platforms, streaming, among others).

To know more about our Interactive Digital Solutions, visit our other profile.


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