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Conference sessions on trends & new experiences in touring exhibitions – Part 2

Out of the box thinking in international touring at 2024 Museum Connections in Paris

Mangasia exhibition by Barbican Immersive
Mangasia exhibition by Barbican Immersive

from Paris, France

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Teo will host two special conference sessions dedicated to the latest trends & experiences in international touring exhibitions at the international museum event Museum Connections on 16 and 17 January 2024 in Paris. The conference sessions will then also be available online on the Teo platform.

On 16 and 17 January Teo will be hosting, as part of the 2024 Touring Exhibitions Pavilion event, 2 special sessions on the latest productions and creative innovations in international touring: Touring exhibitions – Latest trends and new experiences.

International producers and specialists in art, science, design, history, natural history, world cultures, popular culture and technology will be presenting their innovative insights and latest productions and achievements.

Session 2

Introducing session 2
A glance into the presentations

Wednesday 17 January at 2PM

The Natural History Museum in London has been touring high quality exhibitions for over 30 years, inspiring millions of visitors worldwide.

We are delighted to present the latest addition to our portfolio: Our Broken Planet: How We Got Here and Ways to Fix It, a unique self-build exhibition that challenges our unsustainable relationship with the natural world.

While raising awareness of the current planetary emergency, the exhibition tells extraordinary stories of hope, exploring how some scientists are responding to some of the most urgent issues we are facing today. From researching coral species that can survive warming seas, to improving electronic waste recycling, these scientists are working tirelessly to find solutions from nature for nature.

By delving into the latest research, the exhibition aims to empower visitors to play an active role in creating a greener future for the planet, protecting biodiversity and safeguarding people’s lives and livelihoods for generations to come.

CARNE y ARENA @Emmanuel Lubezki

Created in 2019, PHI Studio has developed a reputation as an incubator for talent at the vanguard and as a catalyst for the conception and implementation of immersive multidisciplinary projects. We are continually exploring the ways in which technology can lead to new forms of artistic expression and storytelling. PHI Studio is committed to collaborating with artists, producers, and partners to foster the creation and development of innovative artworks shaping the future of the immersive experience.

The team will introduce how the Studio acts as producer, distributor and curator, presenting its portfolio of works around the world. This includes Space Explorers: THE INFINITE, the most ambitious project realized so far in the virtual and interactive reality industry on space exploration.

PHI Studio also distributes works with a strong social impact, such as CARNE y ARENA by Alejandro G. Iñárritu or Traveling While Black. These works explore, respectively, the human condition of migrants and refugees and the history of restriction of movement for black Americans.

Goddess 2023, ACMI. Photo © Phoebe Powell

ACMI is Australia’s national museum of screen culture. Placing First Nations culture at the centre of Australian culture, ACMI fosters the next generation of makers, players and watchers. Their vibrant calendar of exhibitions, events and programs celebrates the moving image in all its forms, exploring the stories, technologies and artists that create our shared screen culture. Since 2010, ACMI exhibitions have travelled to 50+ national and international cities, attracting over 5.1 million visitors.

The team will introduce ACMI’s upcoming touring program including the new Marshmallow Laser Feast: Works of NatureGoddess: Power, Glamour, Rebellion and How I See It: Blak Art and Film. The team will present the unique way ACMI creates immersive experiences, juxtaposing stories and ideas in innovative ways, offering audiences unique opportunities to watch, experience, interact and navigate the universe of film, TV and videogames.

Copyright E. Laurent EPPDCSI

Universcience, which gathers the Palais de la découverte and the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, aims to develop awareness of science and technology, to encourage vocations and foster innovation. Its travelling exhibitions cover a wide range of themes, from health with Microbiota to industry with Jean, as well as ambitious subjects such as Cancers and Crowdology, and a selection dedicated to a family audience with Cats & Dogs, Fragile! and Metamorphoses.

The Metamorphoses exhibition immerses visitors in a playful and enchanting universe, where science harmoniously interacts with the imaginary. It explores the many facets of transformation, whether natural, marvelous or intimate. This captivating journey encourages children to observe attentively, to marvel, and to ask a series of questions. Stimulating the imagination of young and old alike, Métamorphoses offers a wonderful introduction to the scientific process.

Icebreaker Studios was founded by Luc Jacquet (Oscar for best documentary in 2006 with March of the Penguins) from his belief that the more we understand the world, the better humans will take care of it. With that positive ambition, Luc and his team aim to use their experience to build a virtuous model, producing a whole new kind of films and exhibitions that promote those values. Bringing together the know-hows of film, science engagement, art installation, theatre and live performance, this approach creates productions that speak to a global audience through the universal language of images and emotions.

CTO, creative developer, sound engineer and musician, Charles Sadoul, who explores the relationship between art and new technologies, in a constant attempt to disrupt existing conventions, will introduce the experiences created by Luc Jacquet and his team, including Antarctica and Terra Incognita, exhibitions presented at Lyon’s Musée des Confluences. 

Project Holocene is a unique exhibit of large, illuminated mixed media paintings about Endangered Species by artist Russell Ronat. The project, which was created to help raise awareness of the importance of wildlife conservation, includes a selection of paintings focused on many different endangered species, as well as projected video artwork that shows a painting in creation. There are 3 exhibits available: a general zoo exhibit, an aquatic species exhibit and a garden exhibit, which can be displayed both indoors and outdoors.

With examples of presentations in zoos and museums around the world, Russ Ronat will introduce Project Holocene and how the exhibition is designed to show both the beauty and fragility of many species that are currently under threat of extinction, and communicate the urgency of needed actions to preserve the diversity of wild animals. 

At the crossroads of research, culture and society, the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (MNHN) is dedicated to understanding nature and the relationship between humans and nature. As well as being a centre for research, teaching and expertise, it also preserves and promotes rich collections. Every year, the MNHN produces major exhibitions, displayed at its Musée de l’Homme and Grande Galerie de l’Évolution sites and then on tour.

During this session, the MNHN’s team will present Arts & Prehistory, a new exhibition offering an unprecedented discovery of the masterpieces of prehistoric art featuring sculptures, engravings, and paintings from all over the world. Combining artworks and audiovisual immersion, the exhibition plunges us into the imagination of prehistoric men and women.

The contents of the exhibition (text, graphics, audiovisual and multimedia installations, etc.) can be adapted or duplicated for touring, with the loan of a selection of original pieces from the MNHN or reproductions and casts, and/or to enhance local collections.

© Culturespaces / C. de la Motte Rouge / Hergé – Tintinimaginatio – 2023

With a catalog of 40 exhibitions, ranging from classical to contemporary art, and pop culture, Culturespaces Digital designs, produces and distributes immersive digital exhibitions. Renowned as leader and pioneer in the immersive industry, Culturespaces Digital operates eight permanent Digital Art Centers in Europe, the USA and Asia, which have drawn in more than 13 million visitors since 2018.

Culturespaces Digital will unveil its latest exhibitions for 2024, emphasizing the role of new IPs to enhance the value offered to audiences and will discuss the opening of a 9th Digital Art Center which fortifies the already established brand. And while their roots are in producing exclusive exhibitions for the “Reseau des Lumières”, this year holds a new chapter as they open the door to collaborations on a global scale.

© Lionel Urman

Citéco is Europe’s first interactive museum dedicated to economics. Resolutely geared towards the general public, particularly young people, Citéco aims to enable each person to discover and develop their interest in economics and in the issues at stake. 

Using interactive and innovative methods, Citéco provides visitors with “edutaining” contents, through a 2400m² permanent exhibition as well as temporary exhibitions available for hire.

This year, Citéco will be introducing one of its latest production: Energy, so watt?, a large scale and innovative serious game on energy transition, designed to raise awareness on this contemporary key challenge and call visitors for action. 

The Lascaux International exhibition, imagined in 2010, produced by the General Council of Dordogne (France), inaugurated as a World Premiere at Chicago’s Field Museum in 2013, has been presented on 4 continents, 13 countries and 18 cities around the world. To date, it’s the first and only traveling exhibition devoted exclusively to a painted cave.

Currently being refurbished, the Lascaux exhibition will soon be offering a new immersive experience around its masterpieces, the globe-trotting facsimiles. Nathalie Grenet, the new project manager, will present at Museum Connections 2024 the new version of the Lascaux exhibition, which will be available for touring from 2025.

World Touring Exhibitions (WTE) is a world’s leading company of travelling exhibitions for hire, with over 20 years experience of providing exhibitions to museums and organisations worldwide.

The WTE team will introduce how they develop interactive, playful and immersive experiences to engage with visitors, presenting examples from some of their most popular and recently curated productions: Travelling Bricks, made of LEGO®bricks, featuring 120 models in 60 scenes, and a play area with over 200,000 bricks to play with and enhance creativity; Unofficial Galaxies, one of the largest private single collections of Star Wars memorabilia in the world, including 134 exhibits in 22 scenes; 3D Doubt Your Eyes, with over 30 x 3D-hand-painted and illusion scenes; International Space Station (ISS), in collaboration with ASI and ESA, featuring state-of-the- art VR about living in the Station; Inferno, recreating exceptionally realistic scenes for a three-dimensional experience of Dante’s vision.

The Disgusting Food Museum. A name you can taste! The allure and fascination of the weird, odd, macabre, and the disgusting pulls not only the regular museum visitor, but also the adventurous foodie, the culturally curious, the challenge seeker, and many more on the broad scale of humanity. This is how you attract new visitors to your venues!

We will introduce an international exhibit dedicated to culturally unique, often ‘disgusting’ food. More so, we offer a level of immersion well beyond the mundane physical/visual aspects of pressing buttons or watching screens. An emotional journey through fear, worry, and disgust – into pride, joy, and the unbridled power of overcoming challenges. Do you dare try it all?

This innovative experience prods all your senses, and gives your visitors ample opportunities to create the next viral social media moment. With a strong scientific foundation we provide a hopeful angle to sustainability challenges and cultural understanding, with food as the eternal connector. Is our word not enough? Then trust the numerous mentions in traditional media, such as The Economist, New York Times, and Le Figaro.

Coming soon.

Dala Projects works with exhibition producers and museums to create traveling exhibitions, preparing them for market and filling out a robust tour to venues globally. Dala Projects also supports museums and other venues to negotiate and secure incoming feature exhibitions. Over 10 years, Carrie Reid, owner of Dala Projects, has contributed to over 50 exhibition projects and she’s worked with more than 100 museums. “My commitment is to share my knowledge, experience, and connections to support the museum industry for the better. I believe in empowering my clients to do their best work and to share the best possible experiences with the world.”

At the conference, Carrie will give an insight into innovative and creative developments in traveling exhibitions from her partners, including Life in Space from Hereleb, Barbie: A Cultural Icon from Illusion Projects, Being & Belonging from the Royal Ontario Museum, and The Synagogue at Babyn Yar.

Attending the session

This second session will take place on Wednesday 17 January 2024 from 2PM to 3PM at the Museum Connections event at the Porte de Versailles in Paris. The replay will then be shared on the Teo platform. Free registration

Touring Exhibitions Pavilion

Come and meet international producers, specialists and the Teo team on the Touring Exhibitions Pavilion at the heart of Museum Connections. Join us for a coffee after the conference sessions. Pavilion

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